Weekend 156/ Three Minutes To Talk

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Hello friends happy weekend, what a pleasure to join you again in this weekend commitment initiative, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate my friend @galenkp for these three years, it really is a great achievement, synonymous with perseverance and dedication, go my best wishes to you.

This weekend commitment comes loaded with very interesting topics so I chose the first option that was the one I contacted the most and even imagining it in a real case made my heart go pitter-patter.

And it was: **If you only had three minutes to talk to your partner before losing the ability to talk forever, what would you say and why?

The truth is that thinking about a scenario like this would be very sad, however, in a situation like this the first thing I would tell him is that he is someone very important to me and that because I can't talk anymore I want to continue communicating with him and understanding him even when my words are missing.

I would tell him to always remind my children how much I love them and how important they are in my life, that to date I feel like a complete woman because I was able to fulfill my dreams of studying Journalism, of being a mother, of having my own house, my family and a home.

I would tell him that even though I cannot speak, I will always be the same, the woman who feels, who suffers, who dreams, who dreams and who works to make those dreams come true.

I would look for a technological alternative to communicate and so this would be our means of communication and information both for him and for my loved ones.

It would be very sad for a Journalist to stop talking, although I know that all the senses are important, luckily if I could not talk even my letters would speak for me.

I would tell him that I will remain the same, how important he is and has been in my life as well as my children and my family. I would tell him that the world is not ending for me, only life begins in a different way. I would also tell him thank you for being part of my family, for being a good father to our children. I would tell him that I love him deeply and that we must make things work even if my voice does not come back, that everything must stay the same.

That the responsibilities of the house and the rules of the home must be fulfilled, as well as school activities, order and discipline at home and well I wish I could tell him more things but in three minutes I could not say more.

I have always been afraid of losing any of my senses, but especially my sight, I feel that living in shadows and darkness would be very painful, thank God of all my senses the one that works best is my sight, I am somewhat afraid of wearing reading glasses or permanent lenses.

My dad is 72 years old and has great eyesight, he doesn't wear reading glasses and can easily thread a needle, I hope I can do the same.

I like to speak, to say what I think, to be the voice of people who for some reason are not heard or are not taken into account, so it would be terrible for me as a journalist to lose my voice, which is my working tool, but as long as we are alive and under the grace of God everything is possible, because even if my words are silenced my thoughts will always be expressed through my letters.

Thank you for this initiative and happy weekend. I tried not to exceed 300 words but there are thoughts that cannot be explained with so little. Thank you for reading me. I'm Yeli Marín and I'll see you next weekend.

I used the InShot application for the cover photo and the translator DeepL to share with you the English version since my native tongue is Spanish.


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Hello friend, I apologize for the title, I have it by default and I did not realize, but I fixed it, thanks for letting me know, I'll be watching, thanks for reading, I hope you like the publication.

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