Both kinds of personal community links work for me,

which I generated with hivelink, so I'm not sure how it's broken?

I'll consider SteemFiles when I get around to updating it, but you're always welcome to add it to the repository yourself and I'll pull it once it's done.

Actually in light of what you have shown me, I see that the software well but the way works breaks certain things.

How handles URLs is not the same as the URLs are handled elsewhere in the hive ecosystem. If you take this post we have

Between any of these above sites relative links will work perfectly. You can have a relative link like this one which will open the parent of this comment anywhere but at the same site except for I wonder whether @sn0n uses Apache for his work. I'd have a configuration file to share.

I use GitHub static site hosting.

You could use apache on a VPS to use the URLs like on by using lines like this.

        RewriteEngine on
        RewriteRule "(^/(files/|hot/|created/|trending/|payout/|payout_comments/|muted/|ticker(.html)?))|(.*\@.*)" "/build/index.html?query=$0"        [B]
        RewriteCond /var/www/steemfiles/test/www/build/%{REQUEST_URI} -F
        RewriteRule ^(.+)  /build/$1 [R]

The downsides are: Running a VPS is not free. It looks like the option you are using is free.

What's your favorite editor?

He's hosting it on GitHub pages, so every link must point to index.html as they have no rewrites and that's why he uses the format he does. It has benefits in the fact that it can be hosted on any file server but the drawback that it doesn't conform to the "standard" so much, I still think it is a good tool to have and benefits the decentralisation of the platform