Renaming the spq-sigs umbrello project to CoinZdense.

in Programming & Dev2 months ago (edited)

Not that much has happened in the spq-sigs project since my last post on the subject. I got stuck and demotivated a bit because of Python library exposure of the libsodium functions for deriving sub-keys from a single master key and the exposure of the full API for hashing with blake2.

I finally broke out of this frustration by deciding it is OK (for now) to simply use two different libsodium python libraries. One for full hashing API access and one for access to the subkey API.

from libnacl import crypto_kdf_keygen as keygen
from libnacl import crypto_kdf_derive_from_key as key_derive
from libnacl import crypto_kdf_KEYBYTES as KEY_BYTES
from nacl.hash import blake2b as hash_function
from nacl.encoding import RawEncoder, Base32Encoder

I'm now working on backporting the prototype level code from C++ back to Python, to see if everything can be done interoperable, before I will go back to C++ to complete the minimal viable C++ implementation. It is also possible that I'll choose to stick around in Python a bit longer and do the firs t MVP in Python before moving back to C++.

An other thing that I did, the name spq-sigs or Simple Post-Quantum Signatures was really an unimaginative name for the project as a whole. I took a bit of time to come up with what I thought was a good new name for the project.

Because it really was a coincidence that I even started at this project. This project started out because of the world building I did for my fiction writing. And because it is a project that is meant to facilitate crypto projects, and the word coincidence starts out with coin, what is kinda cool, I started of with the idea of calling the project coin-cidence, with a hyphen. At second thought, I thought about CoinZdence.

Then I went to register a domain name, and because I couldn't make up my mind if I should get a com domain or an org or net, or maybe an io domain, I started scrolling through all the TLD options when I noticed the se TLD. I had no idea that national domains were even available to non-residents, so now instead of CoinZdence, the spq-sigs projects together, the umbrella project will be named CoinZdense with an s instead of a c. I've got myself the domain, so that in the future I can create a project website using the the host url


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