A small tool for updating your account's JSON metadata / posting metadata

A week ago @mytechtrail has asked me the following question:


Back in the ST##M days there seem to have been more fields that could be configured for accounts. I started wondering why it's not possible to change that data in any of the HIVE frontends.

If you check out https://hiveblocks.com/@mytechtrail you will find one field on the left called Posting json metadata:


and further down you will find "JSON Metadata":


which kind of shows the same / similar information. As far as I know, no frontend allows to edit both fields.

The HIVE explorer of @ausbitbank is the only page allowing to configure things such as Bitcoin address, Twitter account etc. directly e.g. over here https://hive.ausbit.dev/@mytechtrail you can see multiple configured fields below the website field.


Still the page only allows to edit the JSON posting metadata and not the metadata of an account.

A tool for updating your metadata

For that purpose I wrote a small tool for updating your account's JSON metadata / posting metadata. The tool fetches your account's data, allows you to edit it and then broadcasts the new metadata to the blockchain using HIVE Keychain:


The tool is open source and you can find it on GitHub over here https://primersion.github.io/hive-update-metadata/.

How is this useful? If you still have some old stuff inside your metadata / posting metadata you can use the tool to update it.


Simply type in your username and click on "Load JSON Metadata", which loads your accounts data and displays the metadata in the fields below. You may edit your accounts's metdata and posting metadata (be careful to not break the JSON syntax) and when you click on "Update Metadata" Hive-Keychain opens for broadcasting the transaction to the blockchain:


Here is an example of a successfully broadcasted operation:


you can check out details of the transaction here: https://ipfs.ausbit.dev/#/tx/df921c4313aa72b882d02ad818297ce260e99420

Technical Stuff

The data is updated using the account_update2 (API definition) operation, which simply broadcasts a new json_metadata and posting_json_metadata. For updating your posting_json_metadata this would require only your private posting key, but for updating the json_metadata this requires the private active key. This is however all managed by Hive-Keychain and you simply have to confirm the operation.

That's all for now - if you have any questions / suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

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WOW, Thanks for your time and energy. So awesome to be part of this community where someone can take a question and create a tool to help many users solve a problem.

And the great thing about it - I learned a lot of new things about the hive blockchain :)

Cleared out my json metadata thanks to this :)

Most people use posting just because it's the newer one and it doesn't require the active key to update.

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