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Sorry for Spamming so much today but it seems I am full of inspiration :).
As many of you know, or might not, I play bass (guitar) and am totally addicted and crazy about music and everthing around it. My musical taste is broad, and I am convinced that music is similar to magic and emotion. The things it can bring, cause...It's just amazing. I can't imagine a life without music.

@Steevc has a great community about the guitar , of course I am a subscriber and love the posts about guitars, songs and all. So I thought it would be a great addition if there is also a community about bass and bass guitars, so I started the community

The Bassplace

My goal with this community is to collect posts, write posts and discuss posts about the bass guitar, the amps, the bass players...anything that has something to do with this great instrument.

To keep it informative I intend to post a interview with a (famous) bassplayer every week. The same set of questions every week, different answers of the musicians. For that I already have approached some bassplayer of which I hope they will coorperate.



So I hope to welcome you all on the bass place community and feel free to request of give ideas to make this a succesfull and great community for and by musicians..

So keep rocking and playing Bass

A share /reblog would be appreciated





Im in. Berklee trained bass player who did ten years of touring and session work. I think this is a fantastic idea.

Very cool that youre looking to interview a famous bass player a week. I look forward to this. Now to find the community so. Can follow it and post in it from time to time.

My personal rig. Eden heads and cabinets
Padulla six string thunderbass
Mtd custom built 635 six string

Hi Dave, thanks for your comment and welcom a board :) . Awesome to meet you here. You'll be more then welcome to post within the community . Awesome, Berklee, that's where some great musicians came from. John Myung, Steve Vai, Philip Bynoe to name a few. Well talk to you soon... :)

Yeah the thing about berklee were the unknown bassists that never made it big that were absolutely phenomenal. It was a treat to walk the halls of the string department and just listen to everyone practicing.

I was a bass player when I was still active in the local music scene. I put some of my music on steem in the last couple of years, but I have yet to put any music on hive except an old video from back in the day. I had to get that from the youtube channel of the guitar player that I worked with for many years, he has all the video stuff that was taken of the band back then.
My amplifier for most of the 20 years that I played live was either a Fender Bassman 50 watt, or a Fender Bassman 100 watt, depending on the venue. The speaker cabinet was either a Fender 2X15 cab, or a Musicman single 15 cab.
My first bass was an inexpensive one, the second one was a Musicman Sabre bass, and after that I used a Gibson Q-80 bass which I still have. Toward the end of my live playing days I also used a Peavey Patriot bass, which weighs less than the Gibson.
It's my guess that most old bass players have a bad back...
I still play the Peavey when I do recordings of the songs that I've been working on.

Hi @amberyooper , very nice meeting you here and cool to read your post. I hope to see you often at the bassplace :) Your comment gives me a idea :) Working on it, comming back asap :)

the bassplace!!

Sounds good and I am curious how many fellow bass players are secretly inside here!

I'm currious too :) I hope there will be a lot of bassplayer outthere, or people who adore the instrument :)

Bro nice ! I’m sure @crimsonclad would appreciate this community .

@crimsonclad is more then welcome :) Thanks @hiveqa

Cool idea. I think these communities have great potential. I have seen a few bass players around Hive, so I hope they join up.

I think and hope they do Steve, but we can team up by filling in the guitar and bass space on Hive :) , I've seen some myself indeed, but can't recall their names, so I hope they get pointed out to the community :)

Omg, I have been waiting for this! Thanks a lot for the initiative and the action! I am also a bass lover and player, I hope the community will grow very big! I will see you (and listen to you) inside! 😺

Also looking forward for the interviews!

Is there a Discord Channel that we could join for members' communication?

Awesome @christina-madart , nice meeting you on Hive. I hope the community will go big too :) Loads a bassing going around. I am working on the discord, will be ready somewhere this week I think. I'll keep you posted !!! Thanks again!!!

Nice meeting you too here @verhp11 ! That's great, I am waiting for news about the Discord channel and I'll keep checking out for anything new - will start posting soon enough in the community! Cheers and Happy Bassing! 😸

We need to get your image on to a card in Rising Star! A bass player that is an active part of the community should be seen.

Great idea, I saw the game in a post from @steevc . :) Thanks !!

Would love to get you involved! Come and give the game a try and when you have played for a while hit me up and we'll sort out a legendary card for you. In fact our first legendary card was a Hive bassist!



trenton has some nice jams!

thank you very much 😁

unfortunately' i can't check out that game because i dont have the same keysigner..

hey' im from cleveland tho, i saw you were from lima!

Cleveland!! awesome!!! I'm originally from a small town close to Dayton!

nice. "dayton im comin cuz im coming from dayton" i think that's ease town posse express maybe! some cool record i have laying scene im sure

I will join, but I have trouble login in. When I enter my keys in Hive Keychain it says there are not correct?!?!

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Nice! I hope this community does really well for you!

this is an excellent idea! I would love to join. I'm the first Legendary Musician in the funktabulous @risingstargame !