Dev update! New year, new stuffs!

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Hey there! It's @ddrfr33k and @chiren, wishing you a happy new year. Hope you all had tons of fun. Chiren almost fried every circuit in his brain, and ddrfr33k pissed off his in-laws by merely existing! Wait, what? That didn't happen? You mean we're telling lies? On the internet? Who would do such a monstrous thing?

But I digress! We have tons to talk about today, and not a whole lot of time to do it. So let's get down to business! We'll deal with the Huns later.

1. Leaderboard reset

You might have noticed a bit of a change in your standings after Friday. Yep! We did apply the changes to the leaderboard on the 1st. Remember how we said little will change?

Yeah, surprise? If it's any consolation, we've already seen several new folks rocket up the leaderboard after the reset, giving the whole community a much needed jolt to the system. Several people have already risen to the top, and others fell flat! Just ask @ddrfr33k, he can tell you all about that...

2. PayPal integration

This is the big one. Remember when we announced the Gem Rework a few months back? This is the final brick in that wall. You can now purchase Gems and pay with PayPal. If you have viewers that want to subscribe and don't have Hive, let them know that this is a thing. To get started, click on your wallet (it's in the upper right corner) and click on "Buy Gems":


When you click on that button, you'll see a little window pop up with the purchase dialogue. You should see both PayPal and Hive as options:


All gems purchased from Vimm are $1 per gem. We're using these funds to reinvest in infrastructure, site upgrades and updates, and maybe paying us a little bit for our efforts, as well. Our goal is to get the Gem economy moving here pretty soon, and get you guys earning!

3. dBuzz integration

This is the cool one! Thanks to a little coordination with @chrisrice, we have added a buzz button to Vimm! Now you can use the hottest new microblogging service on Hive to share the stream you're watching with your viewers. Don't forget that your buzz posts earn you rewards for the upvotes, too! This integration is truely useful for both Vimm and dBuzz. We're bringing more awareness to dBuzz, and dBuzz helps us network our streamers to their community. Everyone wins with this one!

But yeah, that about does it here. We're super excited to see how this new leaderboard works out, especially as more people start getting streaming on the platform.


dbuzz integration. LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Yeah! 😎🚀🌌

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dBuzz integration hype!

nice... im heading forwards to have a look directly :)

Cool @ciderjunkie 😊👍

  • P.S. Live Streams from @vimm are playable within the Dapp, and we hope to help increase viewership that way 😊👍

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Cool updates. Like the #dbuzz integration for sure.

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Me too 😀👍

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