HowTo: Join the VIMM Poker Freeroll

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Authored by @chiren

In an effort to encourage engagement within VIMM and the Hive community, we're sponsoring a free poker tournament on with 25 HIVE in total prizes. The game runs every other Sunday 5PM EST and is completely FREE to play.

If you're interested in playing some cards with your fellow streamers and hive users, here's what you have to do:

1- Sign Up on

Head to the Lucksacks website and click on the "Sign Up" button.


2- Sign In to your account.

Click on the "Play Now" button and enter your login info. You will be taken to the poker lobby.


3- Select "FREEROLL 25 HIVE VIMM!" and click on "Register"

That's it, you're in! The game will appear and you will be seated at a table when the tournament starts. You can register up to 1 hour in advance.


Don't Miss Future Tournaments!

Join the VIMM Discord, we'll remind you the day before and on the day of the tournament so you don't forget to join the Freeroll!

Stream it!

We'd love to see you stream the game, just don't forget to add a delay or hide your cards to avoid cheating. 😄 Let us know if you plan to stream it and we'll share your channel with the reminder on the day of the tournament.

Get in touch!

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