Season 3 Recap!

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Hello all you awesome streaming peoples! It's @ddrfr33k, and let me tell you! I got gobsmacked by the end of the season. I completely forgot it was coming up! So I owe you guys an apology on that. This summer has been a busy one! Hopefully your summer has been full of sun and sand and lots of awesome video games. I got the first and the last one, maybe not the second. There aren't many beaches in my area. Not to mention I'd look like this:


But with more sunburn. Never a good thing. Nope...

Anyhoo! I know you're all dying to find out who's on top this time around. Here we go!

#5: @eldritchspig


Number 5 is someone relatively new to Vimm, but not super new. Manager of The Pigsty on @msp-waves, You can expect shooters and horror games. It's always fun when he shows up, he puts on a great show, and I can't think of anyone better to see rounding out our top 5!

#4: @chris-uk

What, this guy again? Really? Pish-posh! The Brits are taking over Vimm again, it would seem...

Chris is pretty awesome. Expect Fortnite, Valorant, and maybe even Rogue Company.

#3: @gr33nm4ster


Gr33nm4ster is another newcomer to the Top 5. Representing the Spanish delegation, he's been instrumental in bringing Spanish language content to Vimm. Go say hola, go check out his streams, he's real big on the Play to Earn games like Splinterlands and Axie Infinity.

#2: @shmoogleosukami


Once again, the Shmoogle is back in town! Once again claiming the silver medal, as if anyone is surprised. Shmoogle does so much on Vimm and for the Hive community, it's no wonder he's sitting comfortably where he is! Go check out his streams for Action RPGs, roguelikes, and the occasional randomness.

#1: @trey50daniel


Trey is no stranger to Vimm. We love him! He's great. No, seriously. He's great. If you like Call of Duty and Halo, he's the one to watch! Also, I took a look at his builder score before the season ended. He gives back to the Vimm community, even more than me! If you don't know what I'm talking about with a builder score, look forward to another post in the near future explaining this stuff!

All of our Top 5 will be receiving 50 Gems this season! This might be our biggest prize yet, but what do we care? You guys are awesome and we love you! So keep at it, enjoy the new season while it lasts, and go out there and support the new streamers that have stopped in and checked us out!

Get in touch!

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Nice promo, thanks so much for the mention, @vimm is the best!

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Congrats to the top five this past season! It's good to see the old and new faces in the top tiers. Be sure to follow and watch anyone. There are great content creators out there. Can't wait to see who rises to the top this season!

Congratulations to fellow streamers and the wider vimm community it really feels like home being here I am honoured to be a streamer on vimm we are the best community.

Big congratulations to the top 5, especially my dude @trey50daniel! @ddrfr33k doesn't lie when he says this man is awesome! Well done all of you!!







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