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Hey there! It's @ddrfr33k again, coming at you with another end of season recap! Both @chiren and I have been less active on Vimm in the past couple months. He's been busy with work and life stuff, I've been making my own card game (you should ask me about it on my stream!), it happens. Either way, we're still around to talk about the top streamers this past season! Let's break it down, shall we?

In the past 90 days, 143 streamers recorded recorded points on the leaderboard. That's awesome! There's a ton of new faces here, thanks in no small part to several streamers who brought their communities over and are building like crazy! The top ranks of the Leaderboard have so many new faces, it's crazy! The people who were on top in prior seasons now face some stiff competition! I look forward to seeing @ciderjunkie and @shmoogleosukami fight for their place in the Top 5 again. The two of them were very, very close to being in the Top 5 this time around. Actually, it was a super close race for the Top 5 slot. Let's break down our Top 5, shall we?

#5: @kingdannys - 1354 points


Danny is new to Vimm and already making a splash over here! He's very good at Fortnite and regularly streams with other streamers on Vimm. If you like Fortnite, you need to go check him out!

#4: @manuchio - 1368 points


Manuchio is also new to the Vimm family, having only joined us in the past couple months as well. Another streamer from south of the border, he plays a lot of MIR4, Fall Guys, and some Fortnite with other Vimm streamers. Drop on by some time and hang out with his dancing duck!

#3: @high8125theta - 1386 ponts


Hailing from sunny, beautiful Portugal, High8125 is an awesome streamer who loves crypto and gaming. He's kind of a variety streamer, you won't know what you'll find on his broadcasts! Sometimes it's a shooter, sometimes it a P2E game, sometimes it's Fall Guys! Either way, he puts on a show and he's fun to chat with!

#2: @lufg - 1486 points


Lu showed up along with @kingdannys, @manuchio, and the like. She's super active in our community, going out and chatting/upvoting everyone she can. And it shows! She has the highest builder score out of everyone in the Top 5! This just goes to show that being active in the Vimm community goes a long way!

#1: @marioshelk - 1640 points


And our top streamer this season was none other than @marioshelk! He's an awesome addition to the Vimm family. No, really. He's active, he's engaging other streamers, and he's got an awesome community talking with him in his streams! Congratulations Mario!

But yeah, that's about it for us today. We're already off to a great start with this new season! Congratulations to everyone, and I look forward to seeing more new streamers on Vimm. Seriously, there were so many new people this season. I can hardly believe it!

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Hey! Thank you so much to everyone at vimm and the communities that have supported me throughout this my first season at vimm.
Special thanks to my friends @marioshelk @lufg @marnu @manuchio @kernelillo
And @ddrfr33k to all the vimm staff who are always there despite their daily life occupations and take the time to solve our doubts. I hope to continue many more seasons here and contribute my bit to make vimm grow more and more and at the same time grow myself as a streamer and this new season new things are coming in my channel if you like to come by you are welcome and last but not least a big congratulations to all the streamers who were fighting for the top 5 and also the platinum and other positions.untitled.gif

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To many more seasons!

vamos dannys a seguir creciendo y compartiendo algunas partidas y por su puesto, divertirnos

WOWWW, I never imagined achieving this first place. Thanks to each and every one who stopped by the channel to see what I always do, although it is not something specific because in the streams I always vary with what I like, I play, I share, I do university tasks, we analyze the crypto world and I even got a live tattoo hehe.

This season I want to get to know each member of the community a little more and share a little of what they do.

Before I say goodbye I also want to congratulate @lufg @manuchio @high8125theta @kingdannys who were fighting in the top5.

Also the most capo who invited me to meet @vimm @kernelillo
@marnu who is always present and all @vimm streamers

And finally to all the @vimm team

Att: @marioshelk

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Man I got to really pull out all the stops now.

Hello "VIMM family" it is a pride to be in the TOP 5, because as my friends @marioshelk @lufg @marnu @kernelillo @kingdannys we put a lot of dedication, effort and time in trying to create a nice community on this platform.
It is true that there are many new streamers to which we are helping with humble advice since we have some time here, in my case I can only help Spanish speakers because my English is not good hehehe.
And I wanted to thank you @ddrfr33k for your willingness to help us always.
I think I speak for the rest of my friends and streamers that the next season will be much better.
Hugs to all!

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Hola "familia de VIMM" es un orgullo quedar en el TOP 5, porque como mis amigos @marioshelk @lufg @marnu @kernelillo @kingdannys le ponemos mucha dedicación, esfuerzo y tiempo en intentar crear una linda comunidad en esta plataforma.
Es verdad que hay muchos nuevos streamers a lo cuales estamos ayudando con humildes consejos ya que tenemos un tiempo acá, en mi caso solo puedo ayudar a los habla hispana porque mi ingles no es bueno jejeje.
Y queria agradecerte @ddrfr33k por tu buena voluntad en ayudarnos siempre.
Creo que hablo por el resto de mis amigos y streamers que la temporada siguiente mucho mejor.
Abrazos para todos!