The final season of 2021, recapped!

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Hey there! It's @ddrfr33k, coming at you again with another end of season recap! This season is a weird one, we're right smack dab in the middle of holidays with this one. But this season marks the end of year 1! I know, right? This is the first full year of resets to the leaderboard! What do you guys think of this? Is it nice to see change ups happen? Please let us know in the comments. Or, you know, come hang out in our discord. It's not like we bite or anything. At least, not hard...

But before we get into our Top 5 this year, we need to shout out an honorable mention. As in, the person who came out on top of the Platinum Partner tier, but just couldn't get high enough to make it to top 5.

Honorable Mention: @trey50daniel (880 pts)

Trey has been in our Top 5 before, and with good reason! Have you seen this guy? He's active, he streams a ton, he engages with viewers, and he's very, very good at Call of Duty. Like, seriously good. Go give him a follow! He's currently playing through Dark Souls II, and I can't wait to see him play more Halo Infinite!

And now that we've got him out of the way, let's take a moment to talk about our Top 5!

5th place: @pundito (927 pts)

Pundito is new to the Top 5 winner's circle, but not to Vimm! He plays a lot of 7 Days to Die, and brings in other people to stream with him. This is a smart tactic, Pundito! Having friends join you on stream definitely helps with the overall engagement. Once again, give Pundito a welcome to the winner's circle!

4th place: @ddrfr33k (990 pts)

Oh look, it's me again. I'm glad I'm lower in the rankings this time around. Honest! I would rather see more awesome streamers outranking me, because that means Vimm is overflowing with talented streamers! Streamers who deserve this spot more than I do. I can't wait to see more of our Platinum Partners step up and overtake me here.

3rd place: @chisdealhd (1010 pts)

If you haven't seen all the awesome stuff Chisdeal has been doing for Vimm in the past year, you haven't been paying attention. He's been a very, very vocal supporter of Vimm, building all sorts of neat integrations with our API. He's also been instrumental in getting Starbot, our very own chat bot, off the ground! It's almost done with testing, and we should be able to roll it out to everyone very soon! Thank Chisdeal for his efforts, next time you see him!

2nd place: @shmoogleosukami (1035 pts)

Oh, come on! This guy, again? Really? I kid, I kid...In all seriousness, Shmoogle is one of those streamers you can count on to be here. Like clockwork, he's got his schedule down and he really makes sure he's here! Not only that, but he's gone out of his way to build up other streamers on Vimm. His Builder Score was through the roof this season. Shmoogle is proof that building up other streamers on Vimm helps you, too! Also, it's his face that adorns our :poggers: emote in chat. More poggers spam!

1st place: @ciderjunkie (1180 pts)

And finally, we come to first place. And look at that! It's CiderJunkie! Hailing from Germany, Cider is one of the OG streamers here on Vimm. It's about time he took the crown, there are few people as deserving of it as he is. If you like survival games, CoD zombies, and all sorts of tomfoolery, he's the guy you need to watch! I'm so happy he finally made it, because he's been snubbed the past couple seasons.

All of the Top 5 streamers will be receiving 50 Gems. You should see a nice little boost to your wallets shortly. Also, I'm going to be giving Trey an extra 25 for being first loser this season. Love you too, bud! Year 2, Season 1 is already underway, and it's already off to a great start! I see a few new names in the Platinum Partner lineup, names that could very well find themselves in the Top 5 in 3 month's time. The competition on Vimm is picking up and I couldn't be happier! Best of luck to everyone in 2022!

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:poggers: =p

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yaaay... im a WEINER... ahm WINNER :)

Thanks a lot and congrats to the other streamers!
Let's try to bring this nice platform to the next level by streaming content that brings also new viewers to @vimm.


Hi. Got a short questions about Vimm in general.

Are the streams deletable by myself?
I am a big fan of having this opportunity 🙈

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The stream itself is gone when the broadcast finishes unless you have replays enabled. But If you're talking about deleting the replays, there's no way to manually delete those just yet. They simply expire after 7 days.

If you don't have replays enabled for your channel, the stream wont be saved and will be gone as soon as you finish broadcasting.

That sounds great!

Do you have any statistics about the audience of Vimm? - Just want to know about because of streaming in german or english :P

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We get about 5500 unique visitors a month. There is a sizeable German community. Check out @ciderjunkie, @kaldewei, and @ekan for examples of some of our German streamers. By all means, stream in whatever language you want! We'll help you build your community on Vimm as best we can.

Thank you! :)

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thx for the Shout out man... but EKAN is from Sweden :) smiles...

Also i do Bilingual Streams...