Welcome new staff!

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Hey there! It's @ddrfr33k and @chiren, just dropping by with a quick update on something awesome! We have a new staff member!

You might have seen him lurking around the Vimm Discord. He's been hard at work making his own chat bot, and his contributions to Vimm have been astronomical. We saw value in his work, and decided it was time to add him to the fold. Welcome @chisdealhd to the Vimm staff!

@chisdealhd will be helping with mainly front end development, along with supporting @chiren with some back end stuffs as well. We're looking forward to seeing what he can do with his chat bot, too!

Get in touch!

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 last year  

I will make Vimm get loads good Features for Everyone even if you guys remember Mixer / Beam days and lot people did asked for stuff like CO-OP Streaming and stuff that similar Mixer. and so many Request been going

so want say Thank you to @ddrfr33k and @chiren put me onboard join team and i will make VIMM better then Twitch :P

other that Hope you enjoy platform and stay round for more <3

Now keeping eyes on @shufunk for his Ideas CUGH CUGH asking me for Minecraft Interactive inside VIMM :P

OMG congrats @chisdealhd! I am so proud of you!

Lets add @tipcc for superchats and get a system where vimm syreams restream to youtube and twitch so those people get FOMOd into our second layer of donos that theyll start noticing lol like "h3y whys this guy getting all these donos in crypro snd where they comin from??"