Sao Bento Railway Station - Porto

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The hands of the railway station clock hugged each other. Just some moments later the minute hand decided to move forward for one minute line and leave behind the hour hand. The fusion of modern features in this one-century-old railway station seemed at the first glance a bit strange. I saw beautiful ornaments and thousands of tiles that made a collage of wonderful artwork on the walls. While I was observing the vintage clock that was in the centre of the main entrance to the railway platform I couldn't avoid the presence of the digital display board. It was announcing the departures and arrivals, on the blue, shiny screen. It was a reminder that I am not in a museum, as it would seem at first sight.

Just take a look at this photo. Do you see all these scenes, probably representing the most important historic events in Portugal? The Portuguese past which is pictured on more than 20 thousand tiles is eye-catching.


Battles, wars, victories and losses, scenes from the everyday life of the people, revolutions, royal processions, and a train that is arriving... all way up, on the left side. Do you see that little detail?


A whole history lesson that could be experienced here, though we didn't stay for a long time in this place. It was evening, as you also see 7:40 p.m. It was our last evening in Portugal, though we didn't know that we would stay even less than 24 in this city, Porto. The plans were to look around the afternoon we arrived here, watch the sunset from the park that is placed on the hill on the other side of the river, and go to have dinner in one of the restaurants on the river bank. The next day would be the day when we would meet the city better, and find more cod fish, pastel de nata and wine.


The plans were changed the very next day but not as we wanted those changes. We stayed less time than expected, however, it will be explained on another occasion. We will focus now on this evening and the railway station that we came across while strolling around in the city centre. We were searching for a restaurant but I didn't like any of them by the river. It was cold to sit outside on the terrasse, so we headed back to the city centre to find a cosy place. The lady that was at the reception desk of our accommodation recommended a few places and also explained what to visit and see. She was very kind and helpful 😇 She also mentioned the street works that are going on in front of the railway station and that it would be best to avoid it. But we anyway passed there 😁 Actually, the yellow excavator can be seen in the left corner of the image. On the right, we see the facade of the Sao Bento railway station.


The building itself calls for attention, but the real beauty is what we have seen inside - those tiles that decorate the whole interior of the building are much more interesting. I read later that this railway station was inaugurated in 1916. Already for more than one century, it serves as an important transport junction in the life of the city of Porto.



If only I had more time... maybe I would get on one of these trains, and go on an adventure to some another town... but let's not dream!! We were on our search expedition for dinner, and it had to be done on foot, in the city centre.


The very short unplanned visit to Sao Bento railway station finished and indeed, bacalhau was again on our dinner menu that evening. The trains from here went to their destinations... And this post will also arrive at its destination in just a few moments... at a community dedicated to trains, engines, stations and more, related to trains. 🚋



Very beautiful train station!
And I really like the choice of colors for its interior design!
It gives the impression that you are in another century.

It indeed gives that impression. This railway station is inaugurated one century ago, and I suppose it stayed more or less the same, except that screen that show the arrivals and departures ;)

and I suppose it stayed more or less the same, except that screen that show the arrivals and departures ;)

Well, it’s clear that this screen didn’t exist then!😂

Unfortunately, this screen "spoils" the design a little, because it doesn't fit there in any way 😉

It's such a beautiful station, worthy of a visit itsef even if not catching a train.
Thanks for sharing

Absolutely! I was very surprised seeing the interior of the building 😍
The train... maybe next time as I definitely want to visit Porto again, one day... but shouldn't be during winter or rainy season 😅

Woah, the station is so artistic! I love it. What made me more amazed is how the government maintain this kind of a beauty. ❤️

Glad you liked it too 😊

What a beautiful building. I love the contrast between the old clock and the modern technology right underneath it👍!

Sorry to hear that your plans didn't work out the way you had planned, but it looks like you still had a good time having fun while searching for a place to have dinner😀!

Indeed, a fusion of vintage and modern. I am so glad we entered that railway station 😍
We had a nice road trip in general. Porto was just one of the cities that we visited, well, just half-visited. We wanted to see much more, but I suppose it means that we have to go once again, somewhere in the future :))

We wanted to see much more, but I suppose it means that we have to go once again, somewhere in the future :))

That sounds like a great idea! I look forward to seeing more photos of this city whenever you are ready to go there again!

In the meantime, I'll be on the lookout for your other posts😉👍!

It would have to wait a bit, our next big trip, but the plans are here :)))

Thank you and I wish you a great week @jacoalberts 😇

No problem! All the best with your plans, @mipiano😉👍!

You must have a great week too!

It is a beautiful station where the present and the past converge divinely... And you have taken some lovely photos there and also you put them in this small and eloquent post in a very fluid and readable way for us... That beautiful clock with the led screen Below it looks like a scene from a movie... And the fourth photo... Awwww... taking advantage of the wide angle and unbalanced horizon, is lovely... It fascinated me!... Thanks for sharing @mipiano friend!... Bravo!!!

!discovery 40

It fascinated me too, as I didn't even imagine how beautiful the interior was! 😍
We saw so many artworks made of tiles, the facade of one church was entirely made of blue tiles azulejos :)) 💙 A pity that it was evening so I didn't take a photo of it.
Thank You for reading 😊

A beautiful image at the beginning. In a single sentence you conjugate time and waiting, and well... For being the clock of a station, the journeys, the encounters. I haven't read any more... I'm continuing right now... The afternoon is beautiful and cool (never like there, of course) for this reading.
Maybe the post is not even about that, but I had to say it already.

Time is playing a significant role here ;)) but the railway station is having the main focus 😉
I have seen some nice and mediocre railway stations but this one was special 🍀

Yes, I finished reading and (again) fell in love with the way you tell the things you observe. It seems to me sometimes you are sitting on a bench chatting with strangers (I read it somewhere in mipiano's saga - mío 😆 -) and you arrive and start talking about your walk, your small but inspiring walk, what you would do with that adventurous spirit. Cheer up and come to Havana. You will tell many interesting things about here. You won't be able to get there by train 😅

And... I ended up putting together a post myself as I didn't want to publish anything for several days. My account has run out of resources I don't know... there is a RC pacman.

I can't seem to find where you're from originally, but I don't care much anymore, citizen of the World. What I like most is reading your stories. The day I first found you on Hive with that Buddha and Hive post, I told you I was going to dig through your posts and hadn't done so until yesterday. I'm not a stalker, don't worry, just a lover of the good art of writing.

hahaha RC pacman 😂😂😂

Made me laugh. Let's see my one... Mine is at 56% right now 😅

Mipiano saga - huh, must be a long one. I hope it's not too boring. {I actually feel honoured you are reading these writings.}

Indeed, not really important from where I come originally, it is Hive where my home is now :D Though a small hint, I visited my hometown in July last year, and maybe it is close to Liberland. However, neither that place is a complete answer about my origins and native language, it just happened that is more mixed everything hahaha 😅

Havana. If one day I cross the big salty lake, I would definitely love to go there too, but yes, a train can't take me there. I think I have to find a more suitable vehicle :))

Well, I was born in Ukraine and that doesn't define me. I think if you were born in Serbia... Oh, how exotic... I'm just kidding 😂
Hey, that's interesting what you're saying about Liberland. You see I can't miss a single post of yours.... It's a real saga @mipiano.
I'm going to let you rest for today and give myself the same chance. I've got my mind cluttered with stories and they just won't come out, I don't know why I'm stuck in a traffic jam. Damn English... My Spanish words are clipped.

OMG... El gran lago salado... Un lago no precisamente en calma.

Oooooh, this comment was followed by one beautiful writing about a puddle, Liberland and shadows, and pale people :P
If you would just saw me these days, I was pale as a shadow, but literally. Eres vidente? jajaj

Sorry that the stories made your mind cluttered, though you decluttered it perfectly and transformed it into a nice creation ☀️☀️☀️

I checked your very first post, already some time ago and I saw where you were born 🙂
Yes, it doesn't define us, but also a bit yes. It's a mixture of mixtures hahaha

Quizás eres mi alter ego.
I confess that I have come to think about it seriously. I have also thought that I give you a lot of work because I know that you want to respond to every single thing I say, every extravagant idea that crosses my mind.
As for walking around my yard (we'll get on to the other answer right here), that wouldn't be a bad idea. Your nanixxx awaits you every day, and it could even be tomorrow or four years from now, when our silver hair shines even brighter than Daenerys of the storm, breaker of chains and mother of dragons. I hope you've seen Game of Thrones. Laugh, @mipiano, that's what I write for, to make you smile.

You can always let Miss Mind to jump on that train. ;)

This is officially the prettiest train station I ever saw.

Yes, I can encourage her to do many things, even jumping on a train with unknown destination 🥳

This is officially the prettiest train station I ever saw.


Same here 😊
22 thousands of tiles, making those artworks on the walls 🌟

@tipu curate 🦋

What a great sight of a train station! It will surely not bore you out when waiting for the train to arrive, and will also be a place for more learnings about history & all.

Exactly. While waiting - one can admire all these scenes but then shouldn't forget to board the train when it arrives 😂

Oye , si tú descripción @mipiano es excelente yo estuve allí en esa estación de tren en Oporto en el 2010 - luego el 2012 , el bacalao, las sardinas asadas y el cochinillo es excelente , el dado y el vino Verdi muy sabrosos buenos recuerdos a mi memoria muchas gracias

Oh, el Vinho Verde, sí, lo tomamos con el bacalao, estuvo todo muy rico. Se come muy bien en Portugal. Me alegro que también visitaste este sitio, yo quiero volver un día de nuevo ☺️

Gloria a Dios claro que vas a volver solo ponlo en manos de Dios y el hará

Those interior design is truly eye catching especially those arts on the walls with the clock in the middle. Cool.
I wish you had more time soon to have a ride with that train going to an adventure 😊.

Maybe next time I get on that train :)

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Hola! Feliz día vale estoy actualmente en España.

Me gustaría contactarte.

Tendrás un discord o contacto para escribirte?

Hola Paola

Lo más fácil es encontrarme en el OCD discord server, me puedes enviar la solicitud de amistad allí.

Perfecto, gracias. Tu estás ahi con tu usuario @mipiano?

This train station is very magnificent and beautiful, especially it is full of historical records in it, I am very interested in going to this kind of place