The farewell (Flashfiction)


The woman drank her last beer slowly. That sip tasted like a triumph. She took her purse and said goodbye.

She would never see anything of what she had seen since she was a child. At that time of day, getting into a lift is not difficult. She thought of the twenty floors that separated her from the place where she had drunk her beer moments before. She didn't even think about her son. She cared about the child, but not really that much.

That's life, she said to herself.

Exactly six minutes later, in the bar, the television was starting to broadcast the baseball game, and the woman had drunk a cold beer that had made her happy.




Nice story and nice size. For some reason I can't digest long stories (including my own). But this size is perfect. My favourite line is this one: She cared about the child, but not really that much.

It's a poignant line that says, life can be cruel, kid, live with it.

Great stuff, @cantantecumanes

Thank you very much for your reading and for the reflection about the story. I feel comfortable writing in this format. When I met it, I fell in love!
Comba Yamba!

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Thank you very much for your welcome and guidance. You are a fabulous community and I am happy to publish in your prestigious house!

This story left me kind of confused. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but I'm still thinking if the woman jumped from that building or not...

Thank you for your reading and for leaving your comment. The story is, in part, about that uncertainty. I have left it for the reader to ponder over.
I think you will have to decide.
A hug, my friend!

It's great! I guess she just jumped. So glad to find your story. :)