Wanna Buy Some Crystal?

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@bingbabe was running this morning alone in a large public park. Some scruffy bastards hailed her.., two blokes and one woman; they looked a little shifty.

"Wanna buy some crystal?", shouted one of the blokes in a husky dull voice. He looked a little like a living zombie just before the flesh starts dropping off in lumps.


An fleeting image of crystal glasses, and fine etched glasswork entered her mind and she responded on impulse, "How much?"

"That depends on how much you want darling", the same dodgy looking bloke responded licking his lips revealing jagged blackened incisors. He dug into a filthy pocket to retrieve a suspicious looking piece of rock.

The penny suddenly dropped..

"Err.. er.. sorry I have no money", she said almost sprinting away.

"It can be used as a running enhancement", screeched the harpy-like woman, furiously waving her arms around in an attempt to promote the magical properties of the illicit substance.

.. but @bingbabe was gone...

...'A True Short Story'...


Ha ha. She wasn't looking for that kind of crystal.

Even in my younger days when no stranger to “recreational” substances, I knew better than to play with that one. Nowadays I pretty much stick to !BEER

I have taken my fair share of them, but not that one.. so same as you !WINE

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Now I'm disappointed nobody has offered to sell me drugs on a run. I've actually had very little contact with the world of drugs, but I hear they are available even in our village. I have smelled weed in underpasses near work. I'll stick to the odd shot of alcohol.

She's too friendly for her own good, and often gets stopped for chats. Lately, she has taken to driving to this park as if she runs around the local area it's more like stop, chat, run.., her fellow runners tell her she should NOT stop to chat.., a run is a run.. !WINE

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I rarely see people I know when running, but would not want to stop for long anyway. Mind you, we are starved of contact lately. Maybe we can start doing some social running soon. I saw something about parkrun restarting in a few months.

She does it all the time (social running), and is well known now in the running community.

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