Winning And What To Do With The Winning

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Winning And What To Do With The Winning

I still remembered back then when I was still into gaming and betting how I used to lose money. I lost a lot of money to betting which I'm always regretting but right now things have changed for the better just because of the writing platform such as Hive.

Anytime I played games, I would be expecting winnings but yet not have them. The number of booking slips was always more than anything else. I play more than $10 daily and sometimes win and most of the time lost. The number of losses was more than the winnings.

One fateful day, I played along and ran a ticket with a return of about $400, and to crown it all, one game was canceled which dropped the winnings to $350. At last, I won.

After winning, I had to use the money to renew the chair in my house. I added some amount to the leftovers and used it to pay for my wife's dairy. It was not easy but I utilized the money so well.

Sometimes last month, I borrowed some money from my boss and used it to mold some blocks. Before now, I would squander the money, but now that I have a wife, I have learned how to spend my money wisely. The remaining part is still in my account before an odd incident happened. I lost my mother-in-law and I need some money which I would give to my wife. Thank God I still have this money and indeed I don't need to go borrowing any longer.

For now, I can handle money so well and without touching it or using it to do something wise.

Money to my little understanding is just like a spirit. It can come and leave at any time. Some people who do not know how to Hindle money would lose it all just to something that does not worth it.

Money can only stay in your hands or remain in your custody only if you know how to trade with it.


Who has had an unpleasant and unsuccessful experience in the game knows exactly how to use the money well, Then the amounts of money handled have a consonant with the needs and realistic sense. Thanks for this good story @cool08. Thanks for your presence in the comments on the other stories.

Wow, I love this story. I'm so happy you achieved something as valuable as a soulmate. Just like you said "money comes with a spirit". One need to have self control to spend wisely.

Thanks a lot.... And I'm glad you love my shory