Old Home

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This is my entry for nonfiction prompt #7: GROWING UP



In my mind’s eye, the picture of our old nipa house froze like it was meant to be there for good.

That house was built in December. In the province where I grew up, it is believed that if a house was built in that month, it would always be a happy home. And I couldn’t disagree with it because ever since we moved in that house, after living with our grandmother for a year, my childhood years had been nothing but blissful.

We used to always have visitors at home, my siblings’ friends mostly—I only have a few, and there they would play for hours. My mother also had some close friends over to chat with her. Likewise, my father would ask some relatives to come and visit, while I would always hide in my “Me- Zone.” It was the same as an attic, where I could be myself, drawing, if not reading books.

Spending most of my days in my zone, especially during vacation and the rainy season, had given me the peace of mind an eight-year-old child could ever wish for. There I started dreaming of who I wanted to be when I grow up.


Rainy days had always been my favorite days because the pattering raindrops on our rooftop would play a soothing melody that sang to me, inspiring me to keep doing my hobbies. The warm scent of soil wetted by the rain lingered in my nostrils and made me feel the embrace of nature, getting us closer.
Those days were old but good.

Growing up in a house with a caring, as well as supportive, mother and a loving father who never once forget to lecture us about how harsh life could be felt like I won the lottery. He would call us, my siblings and me, to gather at the table because he had something to say. But that “something” wasn’t really some mere thing; they were life lessons and reminders of how we should always be resilient despite life’s difficulties.

He would remind the three of us—that time our youngest brother wasn’t born yet—to always stick to each other’s side no matter what happens, especially when the time comes that our parents would have to leave the earth.

We were told to protect and love each other. He would remind us of the value of education, and that we must study well because education is a treasure that no one can steal from us. He would remind us to be good to others, even though ‘others’ could hurt us.

Growing up in that house with loving parents was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity only the fortunate children could have. And I must admit, I was and will always be blessed because our parents were the ones given by the heavens to us.

Those nighttime talks with our father molded us to be who we are now. Without his words of wisdom, we might’ve been astray with no sense of life direction. I will always be grateful to our parents because they’ve filled us with love. It was because of them that our bond as siblings is getting stronger despite the tests of time. Our individual growth has rooted in our parents' undying love, even though both have already been resting for a while now.


That is breathtakingly profound and gorgeously written. OMW, how true. How true, family is everything! 🤗💕❤️

Thank you for always complimenting my stories. ^_^

Beautiful words. Brilliantly evocative of the nature of youth and it’s passing. How marvellous for you that you had such wonderful parents and experienced such simple bliss. This piece is absolutely wonderful in every way, we wish we could all find so much solace in our families. Lovely!

This is a perfect:

Rainy days had always been my favorite days because the pattering raindrops on our rooftop would play a soothing melody that sang to me, inspiring me to keep doing my hobbies. The warm scent of soil wetted by the rain lingered in my nostrils and made me feel the embrace of nature, getting us closer.
Those days were old but good.

It'll always be an honor to be appreciated.

Your profile picture is also my favorite anime character😸😸
I'm also familiar with me-zone, i dare say you have great parents with you that made your story so amazing.. sometimes i wish i was happy as a child but i seldom have that. Your parents are the best really👍👍👍

I'm in love with Gaara. It feels great to know that there are people like you who adore him. YOu're also an introvert for sure.

Yes I also write about Gaara😸😸 i'm an INTP according to Myers-Briggs Personality type..which is also a very introverted like Gaara✌✌

This sounds cool! I'm an INFJ, btw. Nice meeting you. I'm looking forward to reading your stories. :)

Thanks😸❗INFJ really is one of the best for me, i'm so glad we met. I'm from the PH too

Being an INFJ is weird but fun sometimes. Where from the Philippines are you?

Leyte, dghan puno diri bitaw

This is why our parents are so important to us all. Some children could not experience the love of parents.

I will always say we're lucky to have them. It's just sad that we no longer can spend time together now.

wow amazing story, you really got a well deserved first place in the contest. I feel identified with you. In the beginning there were three of us, while my youngest sibling was not born yet. I love rainy days, but I know many don't. Did you know that the smell of wet earth is called petricor?

How beautiful that you were able to have loving parents who went out of their way to prepare them for life, but more than practical skills, they raised them as good people and strengthened their bond as siblings that must outlive the presence of parents. I really loved it @idlemind ❤️🌷😉

@marbrym, hello. Thank you for that new word. :) It's the first time I heard about it.

Thank you for loving my story. I'm happy to know that we somehow have a common denominator.

Yes it was exciting to read some coincidences, and it was also a great discovery when I met that word. have a nice day. 😉🤝❤️🌷

Have a nice day as well 😊❤️🌻

😊🤙 That's a cool little house! yup.. can we ever thank our parents enough?

Saying thank you would not be enough to show them how much we appreciate them, but I know they would love to hear it from us. I miss them so much!

The foundation would always determine the strength of the structure which is life in this instance. The opportunity to tap from the wisdom of these gray hairs is priceless.

It's beautiful that these wisdom has continually guided and has been a backbone in your journey

We may not be born with a silver spoon in our mouths, but we are blessed to have such loving and responsible parents.

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