Evil Clown - A Short Story

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Evil Clown

In the middle of the night I felt footsteps in the corridor that led from my sister's room to mine; they were strong footsteps of big and heavy shoes. Everything was dark, in total silence, although I could hear the creaking of the wooden floor.

Thousands of images took shape in my mind disturbing my well-being; I thought of witches, goblins, monsters and ghosts. Through the window I could see the moon shining on the street and creating shadows from the branches of the trees that had been dried up by winter. The wind made everything look ghostly.

Tap, tap, tap ...

The footsteps again echoed down the hall. I had already heard them many times in my dreams, or should I say nightmares, in which I ran all over the house looking for help that never came. Big red shoes, a colorful wig, round black nose with devilish eyes, and sharp teeth. I was always afraid of them, clowns who don't make you laugh but who do torture you and make you suffer.

This time I was awake and the nightmares wouldn't make me run away. The creak in the wood grew louder. He wouldn't catch me, this time I would catch him. I got up very carefully, like a cat on a wall. I grabbed my aluminum bat and headed for the door. I opened it with a little fear, trying not to make any noise and when I looked stealthily I could see the man sneaking into my sister's room.

I freaked out a bit, but with the advantage of my weight I could walk across the hall without making a sound. The door was open and then I saw him, he was caressing her face and I suddenly panicked. However, I stood my ground. Then his hand went down to the sheets and it terrified me.

With a strong grip I went against the individual who was only inches from my sister and whipped the bat like a rabid animal. He screamed in pain and hunched on the ground, but I couldn't stop. My sister instantly woke up completely scared and screamed as she saw me hitting the subject.

Then she turned on the light so that she could see the man who was certainly wearing a clown costume, only her nose was not black, her teeth were not sharp and her eyes were far from evil, rather they were familiar.
The clown was our father.

Thanks for reading!


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