TheInkWell Poetry Challenge || The Day The Rains Came!!

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I am a ghost, just fading away
My weight measured by tears that drain
On their conscience, and their pain
I wish to go, oh please let it rain

My memories are light, just drifting away
When did I come? I'm going astray
Sometimes I'm one, sometimes a melee
Is it Tuesday? Please let it rain!

I cannot walk, my limbs are a waste
I was so strong, now weak, disgraced
Ironwoman, a rock, memories erased
I see it in their eyes, please let it rain...

Sometimes I hear voices in the dark
A tunnel, an aisle, the light is so stark
Time to go? I'll be up with the lark
Wouldn't mind a drizzle, please let it rain?

They are singing, hear the sweet serenade
Bells are ringing, I think it's a parade
Is it for me, oh it's an accolade
Oh, I think today is the day the rains came!


Written by me for TheInkWell Poetry challenge...
If you'd like to find out more, click on THIS 😊

Comments are most welcome.
In fact, I look forward to reading them 😉



What an imagination!
Well, for now you're Ironwoman, and a rock :p and we can see you and hear you 😊

For now 😊
Hey Hazem, thank you for dropping in

Love the line:

I cannot walk, my limbs are a waste

well done on the entire poem.

Thank you 😊
Coming from you.. that means a lot

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Thank youuuuu

Excellent poem! You combine very suggestive the themes of ghost and rain, with an accomplished musicality and rhythm, and images of great sensory quality. The rain-tears pair is particularly attractive. Greetings, @kaerpediem.

Thank you so much @josemalavem
That's so encouraging
Truly appreciated <33