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This story narrates the enigma that involves the founders of a school and how some students discover it in the library.



The Enigma School was created in 1960. Its founders, Mr. Ernest Oppenheimer and his wife Mrs. Zhara Weissmuller, were assiduous readers of esoteric and mystery books.

Enigma was located in a very charming place; perhaps idyllic. A spectacular landscape, to get there they had to go through a small pine forest, from time to time deer would show up, so the drivers had to go slowly so as not to hurt them. Squirrels were frequently seen in the morning; also huge rabbits sometimes crossed the road.

Ah! But the most novel thing for the children were the bears. They in their innocence did not know the danger they represented......... From time to time, not getting food, they went to the village and went through the garbage...... causing destruction; that is why the families who lived there shot them.

The elders say that in 1965, a mother bear and her cub arrived at the school. The teachers heard some noises but went on with their classes. The mother bear wanted to enter through the door leading to the main office. The principal, noticing this, had to run out. He almost died of fright ........ had to sneak up behind the bear to get out of there.......

He warned the teachers to close everything and to keep calm and quiet. They explained to the children what was going on but they wanted to see the "teddy bear", to pet it. It reminded them of their stuffed animals......... Thanks to the forest guard patrolling the area at the time, they shot the bears to put them to sleep. They captured them and moved them out of the school.

The school has been growing. Currently they have large classrooms for elementary school and high school classes. In addition, they decided to offer classes in the evenings. In this way, people who work during the day can also study and obtain their degree. For this purpose, they also have a large library. This is very appreciated because it has thousands of books covering literature, mathematics, history, geography, biology, but it includes some rare copies of scary fables of the school. Those almost nobody reads them except ......... some curious student who, after browsing through them, does not go back to the library. Nobody knows the reason for this attitude.

One cold winter night, five people, including adults and teenagers, stayed in the library after hours. They wanted to finish the assigned task, so they decided to work as a team to finish faster. When they finished they checked the clock, they still had time.... they decided to read the "tenebrous fables", so called by the students.

Martha would be in charge of selecting the books. She goes to the shelf in the corner of the library. There she looks at the titles and decides to start with The Deep Well. She didn't understand why that book was there, it seemed more like a literary work. When he took the book out, there was another one hidden, that no one had noticed, perhaps waiting to be discovered at the right moment. He picks it up but it falls out of his hand....... it has no title.

Suddenly a cold breeze begins to blow. There is a sepulchral silence as if foreshadowing something...... an owl breaks the stealth. They all look at each other but decide to continue....the reading interests them.

Martha picks up the fallen book, it is lined with spectacular black leather. She looks at it carefully........ Her heart beats stronger as if her soul is waiting for it........

Arthur pulls her out of her reverie and speaks in a loud voice:

-I'll read that one without a title.

Martha reacts:

-All right, but we'll start with The Deep Well," she replies.

And she turns to the adolescent Abigail, hands her the book, and as if sensing something unexpected, she says to her:

-You read it, so you can select what you find interesting. ......

At that moment Richard, the other teenager, intervenes and comments: -I don't like this:

-I don't like this. I felt a cold chill run through my body when the book fell out- -Abigail, who is a classmate of mine, said: -I don't like this.

Abigail, who is Richard's classmate, butts in and explains:

-Stay calm. Stop being afraid. Maybe they are simple literary works of mystery. Those will be useful for us to discuss in the Literature Club that was established last week for all students over 14 years old. I signed you up for that club. They are extra activities that we should take advantage of.

Richard indignantly refutes her:

-And who gave you authorization for that?

-Oops! Excuse me. I just thought it would be interesting. Plus it helps you deal with your shyness about public speaking. You make brilliant analyses of the works. What you are telling us can be very useful to other students," Abigail replied.

-I'll remind you again: I don't like it. I'm staying because I'm with you. Then let Arthur start reading at once," says Richard.

-No, I'll start first. I'm just going to read, a few pages, to get an idea of what The Deep Well is all about.

Abigail argues in an imposing tone.

Immediately the introverted Joseph, the other adult, intervenes:

-Kids, stop fighting and let's get started-.

Before reading, Abigail selects, at random, the pages she would read. Suddenly she sees the founder's name written and it catches her attention. She begins to read ..... was the story of Mr. Ernest and what had happened to him and his family.

-Hurry up, I want to leave now, what's the matter, don't you read?

Abigail, with her eyes almost wild and her skin crawling, decides to read the penultimate page:

-My mother, Zhara, disappears under strange circumstances...... A sloppy investigation.... They never got her corpse. She was an amateur ....... She used to meet with mystery mongers. I remember that my father always complained to her about those weekly meetings with that kind of people, but she ignored those requests. My father was very sorry for what happened and never got over her death. He was only consoled by reading Zhara's old black diary over and over again.

-Come on, now it's your turn," Martha's voice resounds, addressing Arthur.

But Arthur senses that the curious Martha would like to read, so he hands her the book and says, "I'd rather you do it:

-I'd rather you did it.

Immediately, Martha takes the book in her hands. ........ the library light goes out, as if anticipating an omen.

Finally, the silent Joseph speaks. -What was that?

The light comes on again, but flickers from time to time.

Martha opens the book. An intense chill runs through her body and into her bones. She had never felt that before.

She discovers that it is the black diary of Mistress Zhara. As she opens it, a written page falls to the floor. He picks it up and sees that it is crossed out in some areas and full of ink in others.

What was that? A cold blows again and a whisper is heard saying Martha, Martha ......

Martha is afraid. Again the whispering Martha.......Martha....... Martha....... Read..... read..... read..... read, there it is...... there it is........ there it is...........

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Nice story 👍🏼

The style is quite unique but I don't mind since it was an interesting read. Moreover, I love ghost and mystery stories so it was more enjoyable.

Your story draws us in with the story of the bears and the sense of danger and mystery around this school. We have a spine-tingling sense that an other-wordly presence is causing a disturbance in the library... perhaps the ghost of Mistress Zhara! Although I wished to learn the reason for Zhara's disappearance, I like the enigmatic way the story ends.

Martha is afraid. Again the whispering Martha.......Martha....... Martha....... Read..... read..... read..... read, there it is...... there it is........ there it is...........

Great mystery story with a feel of horror. Hopefully the children will be able to escape or uncover the mystery of mistress Zhara's dissappearance

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