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RE: #fastandfurious | The Ink Well Fast and Furious Festival Launch - HBI giveaway for comments

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After joining this platform last week, I started searching for a place where I could write creative content and the first time I come across this community was in the renewal contest within some days before their deadline.

I managed to squeeze out some time in order to participate in the contest and I'm happy that I did because it helped me to think wide and come up with a post that was worth the time of anyone that cares to read through.

I would also like to be a part of this festival in order to push myself towards engaging in creative writing on a daily basis. The aspect of making comment is already part of me because I believe that I've made more quality comments within my first week than many have managed to make in 3 months here 🤣. Lolll... That's me blowing my trumpet.

This is my opportunity to read from and and interact with creative writers so, count me in. Who knows, l may also be able to create a niche for myself in this community.

I will also be inviting @kemmyb to be a part of this festival. She is buzzing with creativity 🙄


😂😂I can't believe you did this! So I'm buzzing with creativity, huh!

I'm not surprised you are a part of this festival, you and your mini-post comments have found a new home on Hive. Thanks! I'll read through this piece and see what it's all about!

Hheheehh... Time Check; 2am Nigerian time 😮😮
You are also an early riser so, welcome on board.

Take a step and leave your footprints behind. I'm behind you 🚶‍♂️