Legend of the sea in Manghaon village


A group of foreigners are diving in the sea near Manghaon village. They were shocked because they couldn't find any single thing under the sea. They asked the people there to know why. One old fisherman answered them and started telling the story.

It happened hundreds of years ago. In the Southern Province of Philippines. There was a village abundance of fish. According to the rumours. That village always caught a huge amount of fish every day. There were some, who said that it was because of one fisherman. They said he was loved by the sea. Even though he didn't bring any types of fishing. He brought tons of fish every day.

A lot of people didn't believe this rumour. They thought that it was unbelievable. Manghaon was just a small village. They kept on asking where those fish came from. How could they provide those numbers of fish every day? It was not an open-sea that they could catch those fish. The sea of that place was surrounded by many small islands. The sea is vast and endless. Even so, there was no proof that those fish were being caught there. They thought that it was so impossible.


Some curious citizens who didn't live there wanted to see if it's true. They wanted to investigate to learn the truth. They thought that there was something fishy about this matter. Some said illegal actions were being made for sure. Although, no one could prove it. Even the citizens of Manghaon said that the tons of fish were found already at the shore. They've been on the shore for the whole month during the night until morning. They wanted to see who was giving them fish every morning. But they failed because for the whole month they didn't see someone placing fish at the shore. They just decided to give up and just be thankful for the grace they received.

However, in the whole month of August. The "hanging habagat" or also noon as the Southeastern monsoon wind. Hungered the people of Manghaon. The waves never stop terrifying the people. They couldn't go to the sea because they only had small types of a fishing boat. They couldn't conquer the sea to do fishing. It became worse because there were no fish at the shore every morning. But because the people of Manghaon relied only on the sea. A lot of families became hungry and a lot of them were mad.

They were mad because they didn't have the food to eat. Also, there were no fish every morning. The people kept on throwing the sea with stone. They throw it strongly and spoke words.




Their madness didn't stop just by that. They promised to do something crazier than that. All the fishermen decided to make the sea feel their pain. They wanted the sea to suffer just like the people there. They waited when the wave would stop and they could sail their boats.

One month and a half. The waves stopped tormenting the people. All the fishermen set sail to the sea. They brought a lot of dynamites in every boat. They sailed on the depth part and in the lower part. When all of them were there. They started throwing dynamites to the sea. They were laughing while doing it. Some said while throwing dynamites.

"That serves you right."

"What now?!"

"Feel the wrath of the humans."

They were like crazy because of their emotions they couldn't control. Suddenly, the seawater was gone. The surroundings became dry. Only to find out in the depth part of the sea. The seawater soared up to the sky. The height of the seawater from below was immeasurable. Then one small boat and a guy kept on paddling to make it move. He was covered with seawater. His appearance was unclear. He was paddling and paddling like a wave surfer.


"People of Manghaon."

The guy shouted. It was so loud that they thought his voice reached the whole village.

"Why are you doing this?"

"After what I've done to you all. This is how you repay me?"

All the fishermen nodded. They felt ashamed of themselves. They belittle themselves hearing those words.


The fishermen recalled what their ancestors used to tell them. They thought it was just a myth story. But looking at the appearance of the person. He was the person on what they heard of the story. A man riding on a boat. Covered with seawater. He was the son of a fisherman and a mermaid. According to the story. He has the appearance of a human but could breathe underwater. He loved human because he was raised in the land. That's why he caught fish everywhere in the sea. He has power, so it will be easier for him. Added in the story that you will be lucky if you will see him sailing in the sea. You will have the luck in fishing. In every fishing, you will do. You will always have a catch.

"We are so sorry, God of fisherman."

One of the fishermen spoke up.

"Yes, we are sorry. We were just being devoured by our madness."

"Please forgive us."

All the fishermen spoke.

"It's too late now. I forgave many times but still, it happened. From this day on. There will be no fish and even different types of resources in this part near to this village. Since you destroyed their houses already. They will never be back"

Suddenly, he vanished like a lightning. The seawater returned. The fishermen were not convinced. Some of them dived while wearing goggles. There were no fish anymore how hard they searched for it. From then on, the sea near the Manghaon village became empty.

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All the fishermen decided to make the sea feel their pain. They wanted the sea to suffer just like the people there.

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They wanted to investigate to learn the truth. They thought that there was something fishy about this matter.

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