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Help me & WIN 250 HIVE for a short thriller / horror story

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A6400 - 30sec - ISO 200 - f4.0 - no editing

It has been a long long time since my last post so if you don't know me:
My name is Norman - I am 34 years old and living in Hamburg, Germany. When I am not super busy I record videos and put them onto https://d.tube, mostly short talking head & tutorials. For a few weeks now I have a new camera and I want to get deeper into film making instead of short youtube style videos and I decided to announce something big today: I am going to record and edit my first short film. I want it to be in the a thriller/horror genre (without blood ;)) and now you are coming into place!

I need YOU as the scriptwriter!

Of course, I will give you proper credits and I am planning to document the process on my youtube channel and talk there about things I have learned and also about this contest here :) But because it will be a short film & I am a bit restricted in gear, space, time and actors, we have a few rules to follow for the story and contest:

  • max. 3 different locations (no crowded places like e.g. supermarket)
  • max. 2 main characters + 1 side role
  • max. 1000 words for the script
  • written in English (or German)
  • one story per author
  • older stories of you are allowed


  • Your post should be on hive until 2020-08-01
  • Share the link here as a comment

You can win:

+ 50 HIVE for 2nd and 3rd

I will carefully read every script and decide which one fits the most and who will win the contest. The winner script will become the baseline for the following screenwriting and short film. I think the finished film will be in German with English subtitles to make it easier and more natural for the actors.

I already have 2 actors who are open to creating this movie with me for a pizza as a salary. So way cheaper than the price of this contest regarding the current hive price ;)

If you know someone who could be interested in this contest please consider reblogging and sharing this on social media.

Thanks for your time to read so far and for your input on the blockchain!


P.S. and here another long exposure shot to spice up this post even more:

A6400 - 30sec - ISO 800 - f4.0 - no editing