Fragmented Pieces of Mind

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Christmas is a time when family and friends come together to celebrate the birth of Christ. It is a time for joy, peace, and goodwill to humankind.

This is what we are brought up to believe, right? And, for the most part, those who are Christian, celebrate with the Nativity, greeting cards, Christmas carols, church services, prayer, the exchange of gifts, and shared merriment with those nearest and dearest to them. It's a special time.

One of the quintessential celebrations of the year is the Christmas Office Party. You know, those obligatory events held to celebrate and see the year off with a bang?

Some are lavish, sit-down, cultured affairs and others are laid-back events conducted in pubs and/or nightclubs. Wherever they take place, you can be sure that there will be stories to be told, that should have remained at the party. These parties do tend to be synonymous with all kinds of crazy.

A number of years ago... I was at one such party.

December... sometime in the late 1990s...

So this year our work Christmas Party is at the guest house in Pietermaritzburg where I have been staying during the commissioning of my current project...

my fiancé, Brett, (now husband) said... matter of factly.

They are asking us to confirm early if we would like to book a room for the night and stay over.

Of course, I was up for that! The invite was appealing. A reputable establishment - canapes and drinks on the lawn on arrival, a nice meal afterward to celebrate with his colleagues, and no need to worry about drink driving. We could relax and have a wonderful time.

Let's do it!

I exclaimed.

The day of the party arrived and we pulled up at the venue in the middle of nowhere. It had beautifully manicured lawns and an enclosed pool area. We arrived ahead of most of the guests since we wanted to check in, get our overnight bags stashed away in our room, and be in a position to relax outside with a few of the other early arrivals. The late afternoon sunshine felt warm and inviting on my shoulders as we made our way towards the front door, and I knew my choice of the little black sleeveless dress had been the right one for the occasion.

Our host was kind and hospitable. She gave us a tour of her home before escorting us upstairs to the bedroom wing so that we could settle in.

The interior was decorated in a comfortable country cottage style and she had a clear penchant for porcelain dolls in lace vintage clothing. She was a self-professed collector and had taken great care to display them in select positions and settings around her home. Some adorned shelves on walls while others had more prominent positions. The meticulous attention to detail that one might expect from a display of fine art, was evident. Her dolls were incredibly beautiful and life-like, down to the shape of their faces, skin tone, hair, crease lines, mouths, and gorgeous lashes adorning their twinkling eyes. They were unique pieces and she had paid a small fortune for them.

Our host ran the guest house with her daughter and they employed additional staff to run the drinks bar. I don't recall exactly what I was drinking that day but I suspect that it was either a Spiced Gold and Coke or a Vodka Lime and Soda. Whichever it was, it would have been a single tot, as I never overindulged at work functions. We would likely have switched to red wine for our evening meal.

I remember chatting in a small group of four out on the grass when my fiancé's boss and a senior manager from Head Office joined us. The conversation continued for a short while and the senior exec then took his leave before returning to our group a short while later. In his hands, he sported at least a dozen tot glasses brimming with a delightful array of liqueur shots. The sunlight glinted off the silver rim of the serving tray as he handed them out, offered a toast, and cajoled everyone to down them.

I looked up and found myself staring into Brett's eyes. Our arms were wrapped around each other and we were standing alone toward the edge of the garden, under a wooden trellised archway. Our bodies swayed in unison. I remember feeling the coolness of the evening breeze settling on my skin and noticing that the light was fading fast. I was confused. Something was oddly out of place and it felt more than a little disconcerting.

Um... babe...what's going on? What happened?

I ventured tentatively, as I gazed into his eyes.

I don't know,

he replied softly.

I only became aware of where we were a short while ago. I've just been holding onto you and waiting for you...

I could not understand where the time had gone and it was starting to freak me out!

Waiting for me?... Where is everyone?... How did it get so dark?... What are we doing over here?

Brett looked at me blankly and replied.

I don't know. Something weird is definitely going on, but they are calling everyone for dinner now and we really should go inside before we are missed.

I paused to take a breath...

The last thing I remember is having that shot... and the sun was shining... and...

my brain was desperately trying to pull together the disparate and disjointed pieces from the afternoon. But everything past that shot of liqueur drew a blank. No matter how hard I tried, the veil was impenetrable. My brain was warring, playing hide-and-seek with my fragmented memories, and I did not like it at all.

Come, let's just go inside and get something to eat. Hopefully, then we will feel a bit better and we can work it all out.

Brett took me by the hand and led me across the lawn and into the dining area. Ironically we were the last to arrive for dinner. The party was already in full swing. Most guests were already seated, and some had already ventured to the buffet.

We sat down at the only seats available at a table for four in the corner of the room. We could see that two of the seats were already taken; coats adorning the chairs and a ladies' evening handbag draped over one of the corners, laid claim to them. We sat on opposite sides of a small round table and stared blankly across at each other, over bundles of crumpled crepe paper, amidst the soft ambiance of glowing candles. They say that candles have a calming effect on the brain, while also being a trigger to stimulate memories. These were doing neither for either of us. There was no part of me that felt at peace. A few plastic trinkets and cracker jokes littered the red and green tartan tablecloths. They were a stark reminder that we had somehow lost a chunk of time and now needed to unravel the past and catch up to the present.

Within a few minutes, the other couple, unknown to either of us, had joined us at the table, their plates of food stacked high. They looked at me rather oddly and asked if I would like to swap seats with them. I declined politely saying that it was perfectly fine and that I was comfortable enough where I was. They sat down, muttering something under their breath. Then they picked at their food while continuing to stare intently in my direction.

A movement to my left caught my eye. I diverted my attention away from the decor and the new people at the table, and over to a small baby carriage. I remember thinking that the porcelain doll wrapped up inside was possibly the best example in the house. I marvelled at its life-like features. Its face - angelic - so peaceful - the carriage providing a perfect setting and accompaniment for its display. But something strange was happening. The porcelain doll appeared to come to life before my eyes, leaving me mesmerised. It shifted its head gently from side to side and moved its little arms in the air. The experience was quite surreal.

I turned to Brett and our newly acquainted companions. Quite animated, I started describing the doll's features and behaviour and pondering aloud on the mechanics that were being employed to create its lifelike movements.

The couple looked horrified.

Brett spoke first.

Love, that's not a doll. It's a baby. It's their baby...

... he paused and nodded towards the other couple.

At that moment, I swung my gaze back in shock to look again upon the porcelain doll. Reality took a firm grip on my mind. I could see very clearly, a bouncing baby boy... a very human baby boy... one rather eager for his mom's attention. I was mortified.

I need to eat something!

I mumbled, averting my eyes and sliding out of my seat, before stumbling blindly towards the buffet table, my dignity in tatters leaving a trail of minor destruction in my wake. I slapped my cheeks between the palms of my hands.

Get it together, Sam!

I berated myself. I had so clearly seen a porcelain doll where there now lay a beautiful child. I felt like I was losing my mind. I no longer knew what was real and what was a mere illusion. Perhaps if I got some food into my stomach I might start to feel ok again. I might just regain some of my sanity.

I found myself at the buffet table, picked up a plate and serving tongs, and turned to dish up... but then stopped dead in my tracks. The entire table had turned into a rainbow-esque version of Van Gogh's Starry Night... a swirling mix of colour met my eyes. Each bowl of food became indistinct from the next. There was no way that I could differentiate between vegetarian and meat, what I liked and didn't or even what was edible and what was not. I slinked away and went back to my seat.

What's up? No food?

Brett enquired staring at my empty plate and pristine cutlery.

It's just a sea of colour...

I said staring at my feet. He understood. He leaped to his feet, leaned over, took my plate from me, and said

Don't worry love, I'll get you something... be right back!

A few minutes later, true to his word, he returned baring gifts of food on a plate.

You were right!

He said...

It was just a sea of colour!

I was perplexed. How the heck did he know what to get? I asked the question.

Oh... I just took some of each colour...

With that, we both bust up laughing.

I ate about quarter of the food on my plate and then had to stop... my stomach was in agony, my head was spinning, and I felt incredibly ill. I wanted to throw up. I excused myself from the table and Brett followed me up to the room to ensure that I got there safely. Then he said he was just going to let everyone know where we were and that he would be back shortly. I proceeded to spend most of the night racing to the bathroom, sweating profusely, spinning in all directions, and feeling worse than I have ever felt in my life. At one point I was convinced I was near the end... and actually considered inviting death in, I felt so bad.

Brett returned hours later... I could not believe he had abandoned me for so long. I was hurt and angry... He couldn't understand my annoyance. Turns out he had only left the room for about fifteen minutes to go and make our apologies for the swift exit to the party. He explained that he believed that someone had spiked our drinks. He had no intention of leaving me alone for longer than necessary.

The next morning finally arrived and other than a mild headache, we both felt relatively ok. Complaints had already been made by another couple who had been spiked and had also spent their evening in all kinds of discomfort.

We later heard that the host was appalled at the behaviour of some of the guests after the party and refused to be involved with the company again. Some employees had ended up naked in the pool. Used condoms were discovered in the bushes and the guest house had received complaints from overnight guests about a disturbance of the peace.

Although we couldn't prove it, we were and remain convinced that the exec from Johannesburg was the culprit behind the night's shenanigans. After making some inquiries and conducting our own research, we came to the conclusion that we were likely spiked with LSD as all the symptoms tied up, and friends, who had voluntarily encountered the drug in the past, were able to attest to our experience on the night.

Although there exists a certain kind of beauty in the surreal, I shall never knowingly or willingly sacrifice my peace of mind for a mindless flight of fancy. Losing control of perception and reality may be of interest to some, but I am quite satisfied with having a firm grip on the wheel of life, and remaining focused on what is truly important in the celebration of Christmas.

Needless to say, that was the last time we attended a Work Christmas party with that company.

This post is in response to The Ink Well's Creative Non-Fiction prompt peace and the dreem-wotw season 1 finale using prompts: time, blank, and illusion.


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My tummy feels twitchy after reading this, I can feel your confusion and pain...

Some people react incredibly strong to hallucinogenics, and can even have psychotic breaks on it... How morally reprehensible to just decide someone else should take acid!

I am so so so so so glad that you and your husband were together, and that you two weren't hurt! !LUV !PIZZA

Oof! What a hideous experience!

Vividly recounted, thanks.

Thanks, Stuart! Appreciate it. It was not one which I would like to repeat in a hurry, that's for sure! !ALIVE

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Jesus H Christ. The whole way through I'm like.. no, it must be fiction... But I think it's a creative non fiction... But surely this didn't happen? Omg that sounds like hell. One should only willingly and knowingly do acid and to not know must have been overwhelming. I HAVE done so willingly many times and know what it's like to want to get off the bus but not being able to. Tripping was an illuminating part of my past but I wouldn't NECESSARILY recommend it to all and I am horrified at anyone nasty enough to spike someone's drinks... That's a total dog move, as people would say here, but dogs are good so .. anyway, great read of a terrible time for you!

As I was saying to @erh.germany , consent is key. It is completely irresponsible and disrespectful to impose one's will like this on others. If I had been prepared for it I would at least have had a better understanding of what was happening and would have known what to expect. I mean, it was pretty clear to both Brett and me that we had been drugged... and we were just intent on getting through the evening. Not knowing what we had taken or what to expect was somewhat disconcerting... I think we were too much under the influence to be fearful in the traditional sense. In retrospect, the experience is not one that I regret. I am glad that it has enabled me to have some understanding of the effects of drugs, hallucinations, and tripping. I can still see that buffet table to this day... clear in my mind's eye... just a swirl of colours flowing and mixing... it was surreal... but my procelain doll experience - that was the biggest mindflip!!! !LUV !ALIVE !PIZZA

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So you never actually found out who it was? They should have been arrested!!

💯% - and no we never had proof. We are fairly certain we know exactly who it was though!

I love your story that highlights the most important characteristics of Christmas . Have a happy evening and a merry Christmas.

Thank you 💗I appreciate your lovely comment. Merry Christmas to you and your family too. May you experience peace this festive season. !LUV

Thank you for the market, tools and other things you have sent me for peace. Have a happy day and a merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you too! 🙂

Was going to say a psychedelic of some sort. Not sure LSD would make you nauseous but some kind of psychedelic for sure. In the nineties... hmmm... unless they gave you a "candy flip" but you would've tasted something was off.

GBH was also huge back then.


That's massively irresponsible and dodgy of them.

Spiking anyone with anything is stupid and dangerous. F*ckwits.

You know what strikes me the most about this (very well written as usual!) story, Sam?

How Brett held you through it.

I've had my fair share of psychedelic experiences in my misspent youth and they aren't for the faint of heart. It can, honestly, go horribly wrong if you fight the experience. This results in a "bad trip" which can be frigging terrifying!

Yet... with no prior understanding of your situation, in a public setting that was professional as well and clearly off your face, Brett managed to keep you feeling safe.

You have one fine partnership there, sister ❤️

I honestly don't know what it was. We were definitely spiked. We simply went with what others had said they suspected was the drug of choice from what they gleaned from our experience. I have read that even things like magic mushrooms could produce some similar effects... I must read up on GBH! isn't that a date rape drug though? There was definitely no tell in the taste. And the last thing I recalled was the shot... then everything is blank until I became consciously aware of my actions again some hours later, in Brett's arms. I mean were were standing up in the garden...just standing there... I was so embarrassed. I had no recollection of who I might have spoken with, or what I might have said or done. A whole chunk of memory forever erased... or should I say... never even recorded...but I was apparently and seemingly awake through it all... just the essence of me was absent. thank you for your wonderful insights as usual, Nicky... and yes... as I was recalling the evening... it made me smile thinking back on how Brett took such great care of me, even while he was also struggling with the effects of being drugged. !LUV !LADY

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That's so not okay :(

yeah. I never tried GBH but I heard it does knock you out so I dunno. So does Ketamine apparently. Yikes!

Yeah I also thought maybe Shrooms because of the nausea but they wouldn't make you black out like that I don't think. Wow. Maybe someone had worse intentions that to just get people in party mode...

Yes :D He sounds awesome. I'm glad you two found each other because so are you <3

While reading I was like this fiction sounds beautiful and real Luke a non-fiction not until I got to the ending. What an experience.

yes, it was a very (sur)real experience! Thank you for dropping by !PIZZA

What a debilitating experience. OMG there are some awful, irresponsible, disgusting people in this world and the worst part of it all is that they probably thought it was fun. Absolutely anything could’ve happened to you, you were very lucky that Brett seemed less stoned than you. The thing is that what they did is actually a criminal offence and you should’ve called the cops to investigate.

Wow! you could’ve died…Geez.

The single positive is that your experience made you hate drugs, that’s a decent takeaway at least.

You know, I'm really not sure why we didn't. South Africa... I guess 🙄🤷And add the fact that we suspected a senior exec and potentially the subliminal fear of retribution. I heard that the allegations had been laid at the feet of the bar staff (very unfairly), the owner of the guest house was furious and I think just wanted the whole mess to disappear and not taint her reputation. Let's just say that all of our eyes were opened that evening!!! Thank you so much for boosting my post, my Stylish 💗 !LUV !PIZZA

What a remarkably disgusting thing to do! The only good thing about this nasty experience is that your description of your spin into oblivion is evidently something every sane person would want to avoid - a marvelous anti-drug statement.

Truthfully, the world is chockablock with nutty, irresponsible miscredents, we’re lucky if we manage to avoid them in life, and it’s so shocking when they gain the upper hand and take advantage of our innocent vulnerability. We’re so glad that nothing more serious than a dreadful headache resulted.

Wonderful writing despite the horrifying subject.

Thank you @theinkwell . Thoughts of that evening are forever emblazoned in my memory - I often wonder about what could have happened. The behaviour exhibited there was immature, and irresponsible - frankly ruined our evening and that of others too! I have close friends who have lost immediate family to drugs. It's no laughing matter and the actions of people who abuse trust in that manner are deplorable. There is always a line. Sadly there will always be those who choose to ignore and disrespect it. Transgressions can have consequences that cannot be retracted. Thank you for your support. !PIZZA !ALIVE

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Oh my Vincent van Gogh. Ho ho ho and mistletoe. You got me going there for a while. I think the story is 75% fiction. The company and the country cottage would both have a lot of explaining to do. It wouldn't be easy to cover up. But this was a fun story to read.

!PIZZA for the muchies

99.99% fact my friend !LOLZ The only details I cannot be 100% certain of is the exact words we spoke as it was so long ago... But I think I captured them pretty closely. Thank you for dropping by @mineopoly - I definitely need to catch up with you and your blog💗!PIZZA !ALIVE

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LSD!?!?!?!? Wow!!! 🤯

@samsmith1971 I was reading your account, and it was as if I was there witnessing the whole thing! I'm glad you were ok - those things can end real bad! #dreemport


They can end very badly. I often reflect on that evening and what could have been... ugh! Some people do not deserve the privilege of humanity. Thank you for dropping in, Armando !LUV

I know, it is a beautiful world, but we should not let our guard down - there are some dangerous people out there. As I said before, I'm glad you are OK. Have a great weekend! Blessings! 🤗


Your story reads like fiction!

How stupid and how immature to put drugs in people's drinks. It spoils the idiosyncratic decision to try psychedelics if one feels curiosity about them. I've had a few trips myself, most were worth their experience for me and I wouldn't want to miss them. However, I was strict about who I wanted to go on a trip with and when, and would have found it infamous for someone to drug me without my knowledge. By the time I was in my mid-twenties, I had been asked countless times to try it. I always said no until I felt I was ready. The fact that you are repeatedly asked whether you want to take this or that substance requires that you move in the corresponding scenes, like we were in the techno clubbing or goa party scene back then.

As long as you actively seek loss of control, I have found that getting involved takes the fear out of the whole thing, even though it is a risky act. However, without the willful preconceived willingness to let such things affect you, it is impossible to develop a positive attitude towards it.

In any case, you have put what you remembered into words very vividly and excellently portrayed your feelings at the time for the reader.

Thank you for your wonderful insights and valuable contribution to the conversation, as usual, 💗

That really is the nail on the head, isn't it? At the end of the day... CONSENT should be what prevails. And if the people involved are not informed and willing actors, then the play should not proceed. Full Stop. In my twenties, I willingly tried zol or marijuana/cannabis as it is more commonly known. To be honest, I never really inhaled it deeply. I guess I was not all in on the idea, but still wanted to try... and so in holding back somewhat and only holding the smoke in my mouth, with very little going into my lungs (it felt uncomfortable to inhale properly - like inhaling bonfire smoke !LOLZ) ... I did not really experience any real effects. I guess I have never been predisposed to experiment with drugs of any kind... and even when given the opportunity in a relatively safe environment (with friends) - I opted out... mostly. I had friends that did recreational drugs, party drugs, and later some stronger stuff too - they were always pretty organised about it and CONSENT was always key. For a time we drifted apart as our lives just did not fit together very well... once they started with the pill-popping, the evening kinda fell apart in terms of being on the same page emotionally, mentally, and intellectually - as they were off on their own mission. !LUV !ALIVE !PIMP

I would say that it is about loss of control. Those who consciously participate in this loss of what seems safe to them increase the likelihood that they will find what happens to them on drugs less frightening. But the highest of all disciplines, I would say, is to accept a loss of control even when it is unintentional and unpremeditated. The fear of dying or going crazy in an experience is the greatest fear people can have. Not really being in control of your bodily functions and what your mind does can turn into something you didn't expect (on both sides, the frightening and the non frightening).

It is precisely this unexpectedness, the surprisingness of it, that makes such an experience a kind of maturity test for me. I think that the many literatures and films about it express the journeys people have made to explore their minds. If there were no risk involved, it would never reach the dimensions that we, unless we have entered that space ourselves, can begin to see. I think the borderline experiences that people seek are valuable. For me personally, my drug experiences were such that I treated them with a certain respect, and although I hadn't really had anything spiritual in mind, i.e. taking LSD or Psylos hadn't been intended to give me an esoteric enlightenment, it was then that it transported just that. The unintentionality granted me what I neither wanted nor did not want.

Under the influence of drugs, I felt life in a way I never had before. Probably the most impressive thing for me was that the distortion of perception and the disturbed sense of reality did not seem like a distortion or a disturbance, but rather like an (unfamiliar) alternative. Not very different from, for example, putting on infra-red glasses and then suddenly being able to see in the dark. But without knowing what infra-red glasses would even be.

Part of my mind found this experience hilarious. Never have I felt a similar amusement, a fun in being human, like after eating mushrooms. I will never forget this indescribable funniness of the moment, this cosmic laughter inside me. It did something to me for which I am deeply grateful. The very fact that this existence, this planet, was able to create an interaction between me and mushrooms, that my chemistry with the substances of another life form led to such a reaction, still amazes me and I find something deeply astonishing about it at all, a wonder that cannot be described.

That's why I'm often a bit annoyed by the matter-of-factness with which, for example, the gazettes say "the body's reaction is nothing but a biochemical reaction", as if that were a piece of cake. As if one had to get out of the habit of wondering about something. As if we had everything under control.

Don't get me wrong, a maturity test has to be experienced by the one going through it either in a field of the many who have ritualised such a test with prior knowledge and experience, goodwill but also determination, or else, as in my case (and probably in the vast majority of a modern society), the first time is a conscious decision made by a clear mind. For example, if someone gave me a trip now, I would know that I had been drugged. I would still not find it okay, but I would know that the trip would pass again. As I was already on a bad trip and I really wished it would pass as it was quite scary. Yet, part of me was not really in fear of death or madness. It was like in the fairy tale with Hansel and Gretel, where I knew the breadcrumbs would bring me back to the path and I wouldn't get lost.

It is therefore remarkable that you experienced your trip where you knew neither the dose nor the drug. And where apparently there was no one benevolent to get you and your husband through that night. But you survived and you now had an excellent story to tell :)

I really like to talk about those experiences, lol. Stating the obvious.

the evening kinda fell apart in terms of being on the same page emotionally, mentally, and intellectually - as they were off on their own mission

I hear you. Yes, that happens for sure. That's why the people who take drugs want everyone "in".

There can be something quite joyful in voluntary loss of control... and yes, even if not entirely voluntary... if there is some realisation that it is happening and the effects can be experienced fully and appreciated for what they are, and the experience managed to some extent, then I can see where you are going with that argument. But... in my case... I did not consent to ingest drugs. I was not aware that I was being drugged. I had no previous experience taking drugs. And when it happened, I lost the rest of the afternoon. It truly is a blank to me. I have no idea what I did or said during that time. That is disconcerting and not acceptable to me as I was not given the opportunity to prepare myself for the experience. My only experience that I have any recollection of was hallucination and pain, after becoming conscious of my surroundings again. I am also baffled as to why nobody else appreciated that we had been drugged, unless everyone had been drugged, or perhaps we were just acting like super happy intoxicated people at a party lol... I have no idea... as I was not all there... but I do wish I knew what had happened in that missing hour or two... !ALIVE

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But... in my case...

Without prior consent, it remains a misdeed of those who have imposed an experience on you that you did not ask for. Nothing will bring back the missing memory unless you ask someone with whom you are still in contact and who you assume could give you an answer? Seems unlikely after the way you described the event. No one would agree that drugging someone on purpose is justifiable. Because it isn't. But since it did happen and is irreversible, I thought it was creative how you dealt with the experience literarily and used it creatively to tell your story. To have survived the situation without putting yourself or others in danger during that time is a fact, isn't it? Similar to sharing other experiences where you found yourself in mortal danger and came out of that danger unscathed. What does not kill us can make us strong, I think there is something to this saying.


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What an experience, but I'm glad you both are okay. This is one of the reasons I don't take drinks offers from people I hardly know at parties or outings.



Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's!

that sounds like a tortured night! all control lost, all holds on the present and reality tenuous.
It truly sounds terrifying.

I hope you didnt allow yourself to be taken like that again.

That was quite a trip. Personally, I stay away from Christmas gatherings of the workly kind.

Although there exists a certain kind of beauty in the surreal, I shall never knowingly or willingly sacrifice my peace of mind for a mindless flight of fancy.

I would not call it the surreal just because it´s a world our mind not able to grasp it in its let's say neutral state. Our mind and eyes are conditioned to observe that what causes a direct risk to us, but by doing so it misses out on many aspects.
Now indeed it sounds like LSD was added and that has a special but very unstoppable power, I prefer a more natural experience of which there are many varieties. It´s not by accident that shamans and herbalists often are the wisest of the tribe. But you got to be open and willing to experience which is definitely something not all people want or should.

Oh let me get off my this topic and mention that is was very well written and I truly enjoyed your trip.

This reminds me of a birthday party I once attended. Mine wasn't drink but food. Marijuana was added to it. I experienced most of the symptoms you described here. I was still with my mum then. I had to leave the house for a while to avoid being noticed by mum. It took me three days to fully regain myself.

Just like you said, I hate being intoxicated. I love being conscious of my every move.

Down here, it's now a thing for edibles and liquors to be spiked in young adults party. That's one of the reasons I don't party.

Oh my God, Sam. Its horrible.
Condoms were found in bushes. What if someone hadn't used condoms and one got pregnant or if someone had done more dangerous act like jumping from top or so 😨 How can anyone do such a ridiculous prank.

The imagination of all that happened to you is giving me chills. How difficult it would be to keep you intact with reality. The struggle that you were going through at that time would have made you so much disturbed

Oh my, such a bad experience you had, I cannot believe someone will spike a drink in such a gathering, I have only seen it happen in clubs.

I think that is a big part of what truly shocked us, balikas... that someone in a position of authority and trust within the company would choose o do something like that in a supposedly safe setting. !PIZZA

That was horrible, trust is something so fragile and they broke it and thank goodness you were all fine.

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oh my gosh - ok - so... i blame this last week and my swiss cheese mind to not reading this sooner LOLOLOLOL

even though i knew the whole story from you telling me before - but this was absolutely wild LOL

and "i just took some of each color" has got to be my favorite line ever - hahahahahahahahahahaha

this is BRILLIANTLY told - and i relived every bit of it!!!!!! terrible story - but i swear - its straight out of a movie LOLOL

i seriously wonder what in the hell you two did while you were "out" LOLOLOL oh my gosh.
first conversation with Brett for UK - for sure LOLOL i have to hear it from his point of view hahahahah

What an incredible story, @samsmith1971. That's completely nuts that an executive would spike drinks! Thanks for sharing this wild memory. I am with you. I will never knowingly let go of my grip on reality. I find it to be a terrible experience.