What a sad and painful story. I really believed Christabel was real! Great twist. I did not see that coming.

Hi @sonofremi! You bring us a story with a surprise ending, as you work with a concept that is different to how death is usually represented. The incarnation of death in @Christabel is beautiful, young and sensitive, as opposed to the insensitive, dark and stark prototype with which death is generally depicted.
In the last paragraph you manage to connect with the introduction of the story, although we still don't know what the curse inherited by the father consists of.

Thank you for posting this surprise story on @theinkwell, @sonofremi

It's a pleasure to see your interactions, with meaningful comments, with fellow writers. It keeps our community strong.

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To always live in fear of when it will happen. Because she knew it would happen. I pitied his mom.

This has been an emotional short story. Weldone @sonofremi

I really loved your story . Your story brought a beautiful twist that reflected the word of the week.