The Ink Well Highlights Magazine #74

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This periodic magazine highlights a small selection of short stories posted to The Ink Well community that stood out and were awarded a Curie vote. Thank you to all authors in The Ink Well for sharing your creative work!

Important Note

We are showcasing authors who have contributed well-written and edited stories, have read and commented on the work of other authors and comply with all of the community rules posted on our home page. These activities help our community thrive and grow!

The following are just a few of our favorite stories from september 28 to october 4/ 2022.

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Featured Author: @lordtimoty

A Story about Eddie, his garden gnome and a chook


Image by the author

Eddie wife, Leanne, emerged from the kitchen and wondered, ‘Everything all right love? Dinner in ten’. Eddie looked up and, in his cheesiest manner, offered his usual retort, ‘What’s cookin’ Good Lookin’?’ Leanne went back to the kitchen, fussing about the chook in the oven and the green beans she’d overcooked. Meanwhile, Eddie paused. Curiously, he couldn’t remember what he had said. He knew he’d said something, but it completely escaped him now. He shrugged and turned the nightly news on.- @lordtimoty

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Featured Author: @grindan
Don't stop believing!



Joe blinks a dozen times, yet the illusion holds steady. Shaking the madness from his head, he grips the auburn hair at his temples, squinting his eyes at the reflection. In front of him, stood himself. "Wha-" he shakes his head once more, "What?!" he can't seem to manage any more than that.
Ember steps forward, placing her arms around Joe's identical body for a brief instant, before he shoves her away. Ripples expand from the points of contact, and she morphs into Sophie again. - @grindan

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Featured Author: @jemima1996

Roy, a being from another planet



My plan was for my grandmother not to find out and to keep it hidden in my closet if necessary, but I was so tired that I couldn't get up early to hide it, so I was awakened by a scream from my grandmother who was startled to feel something sniffing her feet. Grandma was upset and wanted to throw little Roy out of the house, but I told her so many times that he was a special being and that we should be nice to him, since he came from somewhere else, that unable to make me feel sad, she agreed to keep him hidden in the house to protect him. At that moment I was happy that she understood and took Roy back to the cardboard box to hide him.- @jemima1996

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Featured Author: @emeka002

Weird city



Everything was fairly okay at first, the ride was going smoothly until strange noises started coming from the woman's handbag.
It stopped briefly then continued after some minutes, the lady had to unzip the bag and a little monkey which was dressed from head to toe like a little girl popped up and sat on the lady's shoulders.
Osondu was astonished, he had seen many weird things in this city before but this had to top all of them, he looked at the lady looking for explanations. - @emeka002

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Featured Author: @buezor

Strange Companions



“It looked smaller than they talk about,” Chidubem said as he saw the creature in Nkem’s hand.
“It is only a babe” Nkem replied, as he handed the creature over to Chidubem who was now examining it closely.
“Why isn’t it bringing out his head,” Chidubem asked raising the lamp to the black hole created by the absence of the head.
“A tortoise will slide his head back when it is scared, papa told me this” Chiamaka interrupted, she hurdled a green leave crowded with scores of snails. - @buezor

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Featured Author: @seki1

Confidence is a Tool


"Leah what are you doing?" I heard Jean's voice calling me but I wasn't listening. I walked towards the cafeteria and scanned the tables. I found my targets and began walking.
"Leah?" Jean said nervously at the door of the cafeteria. I ignored him and continued walking towards the Jock's table. They were making a racket and laughing loosely as though they didn't just traumatize and possibly ruin a kids life.
They noticed me standing in front of them and they kept quiet. "Ermmm... Can I help you?" A blonde girl with a mean eye drawled at me. - @seki1

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Thank you for reading our short story highlights magazine!

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Congratulations to all the featured authors. Keep those wonderful tales rolling, they’re such a pleasure to read. 🤗🥰❤️💕❤️😍😍

Thank you so much for gathering this weekly feature, I'm honored to be included! 😁❤️

Wow 😲, thanks for the feature, it's a honor to be included.

Wonderful idea to highlight the users who did such great stories, thank you for managine!