It's funny how life can get unpredictable. Just one look away and we're slipping right from beneath our feets. This is the case with our lead here. He was a victim of unforseen circumstances. Yet, he was given a reprieve– a short while.

What a tragic story, @ubani1. We can see how a person can slip into terrible habits, whether to escape reality or to ease pain. You have some powerful imagery and great lines, like this one:

The world and people around me fade into shades of grey and disappear and melt away like smoke into nothingness, leaving only me and the worries that fill me up like water in a glass.

There really is no escape from the things we must face in life!

While reading this story, I remember many known people who could not face crises properly and fell into bad habits that turned their lives worse.

I'd say this is a clear representation when one suffers from disillusion at the very moment of meeting adult life.

Keep it up the good work!

I can really relate. Being a Nigerian graduate from a Nigerian university, I think I narrowly escaped these vices.