This is an intense story that grips the reader, @ubani1. You enter a slightly incomprehensible emotional zone as you seem to want to create an aura of mystery with the male character. Good handling of the tension.
You might want to check the editing of the text, you have repeated phrases several times.

This is a wonderful story, perfectly calibrated to the very end. It seems the protagonist is not emotionally sound, or she would not be in the position she finds herself.

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Thank you, @ubani1 for you positive presence in the community.

Hello @ubani1,
This story is so well crafted. We sympathize with the protagonist at first. The man seems so horrid. Unredeemable. But you then allow us to realize that this woman is as much to blame for this toxic relationship as her mate. She enabled him. She fostered his unacceptable behavior. It is the case of two complementary pathologies. And it will end in tragedy.

Great writing.

Wow, this story had me in its grip, @ubani1, all the way to the deadly last line. It's quite powerful because she saved him once, only to make a completely different decision now that he has shown his true colors. Well done!

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From the beginning, I kept craving to the very end. This is an intense story. Mixed feeling ce along though. I was wondering why she would tolerate his devil, I rather would have tried breaking him or leaving that affair.
It was a good read though. Well done bruv.