30 Days Writing challenge : Day Ten— Write a poem about family.

Family is blood,
Blood is water,
Water flows through the undergrowth—
The sands part, the grass bends,
Life gives in: drinks, taste, sate,
Connects, branches into tributaries,
Inlets & life lives within—we are
Branches of the same sea.

Blood seethe in the veins,
The capillaries distend, breathe,
Like water, blood calls blood.

Family is eternity between
Tongue & teeth—praised, cursed,
Remade each day with memory
When we are gone—dusted,
Tugged forth to repeat
Sayings that caught our throat
With dearly bought laughter.

Family is kindness unwarranted,
Tender sighs in the listening
Vault of a sister's, a brother's
Face—family is everything.

Water flows, blood flows,
Water freezes over & melts
Blood congeals & dries—we
Are water, we are blood, we
A pleasure in the hug—family.


PS: I have got this job and it takes most of my day. By the time, I get home, all I want to do is eat and sleep. There lies my reason for this seeming abdication of responsibility. I must finish this challenge though. It is important to me. How have you been? My shout outs to my friends and family here. I have not been on discord forever. I will soon settle back into my normal routine. Until then, please bear with me. Love and light,

Osahon, 2020.


This is beautiful! A good family is everything

You are right. Thanks for stopping by

Your poetry is always a delight to read. I miss my family - I need family hugs!

Don't be hard on yourself if you miss a day. I'm sorry you've been so busy. Many of us old timers have been, and that's okay!

Thank you for putting my mind at ease. So much to do irl, I swear. Thanks for the love. Hope you are doing great, in this crazy times?

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Thank you so much.

Life gives in: drinks, taste, sate,
Connects, branches into tributaries,
Inlets & life lives within

I love this.

Family is eternity between
Tongue & teeth

And this!

Actually, so many elements, this is a beautiful poem.

Good to hear from you, appreciate the challenges of a job :)

Thank you @shanibeer.i am glad you find beauty within the poem. You are right, I will appreciate the challenges of a job, considering how long I have been out of work. Thank you

I meant that I appreciated the challenges of a job and how it affects writing time 😀

Indeed. I try but I'm but flesh and blood. 😂