you have yours of course!


well did you click on the picture or in the name because I've done that and nothing comes down I've never even seen that but thank you maybe you just told me wrong with my browser I appreciate your answer thank you for commenting but I will see if it works for me

All right I got it I got it I got it thank you

When does my cbm purchase show up the game
I bought 10 yesterday

You purchased on the Hive Engine? If so go to game - press on the tokens upside of the screen, get the information from the deposit field and send the tokens using that information from the Hive Engine

Thank you so much it worked I appreciate your help

One more question I'm sorry do I have to have the game open all the time when I after I started a daily quest and or brewing eventually on other things I'm doing also when I need to clear my clean up everything I've looked at today