Psychic Experiences in Literature and Life ~ Witch Weekly Vol. 4

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In a previous volume of Witch Weekly I mentioned the short novel called The Spell Sword that landed in my life most sychronistically. In many ways the book contained the exact information I needed at the time about life, magick, and understanding the physic experience.

So, for this weeks volume of Witch Weekly I have created a short, relaxing video where I read the relevant excerpt from this SciFi Book:

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At first this little reading might seem a bit "out there". It is quite out there and, simultaneously, it is one of the best representations of what I have felt when delving into the other realms of conciousness. I am really curious to know what you guys think? Can you relate to the rythms, sensations, and confusion that this excerpt depicts when surfing the realms of the phsyic experience?

Many thanks to my partner, Uritan.Musica for creating the background music and helping me with the voice over. And, of course, lots of gratitude to the creek where I filmed 💧


))(()) A Bit About Witch Weekly (())((

Herbs, books, and positive predictions can be used to build a better life. In these weekly posts I share aspects of my journey as a pagan witch. These are the aspects of my craft that you are allowed to see, anyway.

Until next week,
☆Chloe Calendula☆.

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I used to love reading Marion Zimmer Bradley, particularly The Mists of Avalon - very appropriate right NOW, as I'm in stones throw of Glastonbury.

I can't say much about the passages itself as I'm quickly off right now to the woods myself - but your voice is lovely and the stream sounds are perfect.

This ia my first book of hers and I cannot wait to read more, particularly the mists of Avalon, so it is nice to hear a personal recomendation from you! Enjoy your time in the woods 💜🌲🌳🌱 and thank you for the comment!

Finally found a proper moment to listen to your reading and got really immersed in the narration! Hope you do more of them and longer, your voice has this soothing magic about it and it would be great to hear you reading more stuff.

Regarding the psychic experience it is very similar to what I've felt on magic mushrooms. What was your portal to such experience?

Thanks so much for this feedback! I had an image in my mind of how I wanted this to turn out but when after editing the video (and listen to my own voice over and over again) I felt like I couldnt really understand myself anymore. Now that I read your comment and another one I got on the previous witchy video I am encouraged to do more like this!

As a kid I had a lot of "memories" of being connected in water with other consciousnesses. At the time I thought those might be memories from before I was born and being in my mom's womb. Mushrooms and other magical medicines really helped bring me back into the psychic and psychedelic world of which I am so grateful!!

Yes, please do more 👍👍👍

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