Did you know Aggroed's post was shown on Joe Rogan back during steemit?? Joe rogan is shown steemit in this clip by Jamie

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Ya thats amazing @aggroed steemit post is right there on joe rogan from 3 years ago back when this was steemit.com haha

So joe rogan know how this works and we just need his fans to start using it in a way that Joe wants to join and give out upvotes using the delegation and powerups from all of us in hivepower


I have a fear that the world woll just learn about steemit and make us seem like some fringe group lol

Because elon musk knows justin sun and they wanna put steemit in teslas and use steemit for ubi and just copy all the work we do lol forever ... so its important we keep showing people how dangerous steem is when you hold large smounts or go against the reigning politics amd how that doesnt happen on any other blockchain lol and how hive is proof a real community and not just a monry token can actually be preserved and do better than the original with more users etc

But if elon decides to stick it to us for the grimes thing and get revenge on us by promoting steem and eos instead of hive and telos ... that will suck lol

Imagine elon promotes steem like he promoted dogecoin because it really is more energy efficient

And then eventually people will discover hive and eos and telos too so whatever


That's why I hold some STEEM too, just in case some off the wall wacky thing happens with it. No matter what, whatever's good for steemit will trickle down to hive, so don't worry.

ya well get noticed on hive if steem gets noticed

blockchain investors are picky!

but yeah good to have a LIL steem but meh we can always fuck around with steem-engine.net and make some steem if steem gets popular lol

well make some new steem engine style site that looks just like uniswap.. anyone can do that... @avral can do that lie on @alcor @alcorexchange look https://alcor.exchange its swap system can be replicated for HIVE engine or steem engine

I actually totally remember that and wasn't splinterlands just talked about on the Joe Rogan show?

really now? splinterlands on joe rogan/

haha well there you go

soon joe will be on hive and a cyber truck will roll up to one of our ip2 live streams in austin texas, with Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, elon musk and grimes and ice poseidon who will all jump out and give me a shout out and be using new streaming platforms