HUGE NEWS! SPLINTERSHARDS will Airdrop Daily for 365 Days starting July 27th + CARD GIVEAWAY!

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We just got some huge news from the official Splinterlands channels over on PeakD.

If you have not checked that out please go read that now before reading further.

Splintershards Token & Airdrop Launch Announcement


Splintershards are a new governance token through which some pretty incredible things are possible. Splinterlands has felt like the spear-tip of Play2Earn for at least 6 months now and has earned that position by introducing novel functional systems that change how we approach the game environment. Systems like the tournament system, card rental opportunities, and even the ability to gain currency by just writing about the game demonstrate why crypto-gaming will change the industry while many other games are still making promises.

Mark my words, the coming 365 day long airdrop is going to be the beginning of a new chapter for this game and, if you have been enjoying the opportunities to earn present in the Splinterlands of today, you are going to love some of the systems coming online soon. I've been making some pretty major plans about how to hit the ground running in a unique way and offer something unique to the community. I can't wait to be able to say more in about a week!

It's clear to anyone looking that the only better time then right now to start playing Splinterlands would be to have started last month. While some other Play2Earn games Like Axie Infinite take hundreds of dollars to get off the ground, all Splinterlands requires is only $10 for a spellbook! If you've not yet joined the fun please accept my invitation and come on in, the waters fine!

Let us know what card made you love you favorite Splinter to be entered into a drawing for a Gelatinous Cube! Drawing will take place in 24 hours!


If you are looking to stay updated and on the cutting edge of the Play2Earn scene please come and join us over in The Crypto-Gaming Guild discord. We are looking for game captains and folks who can help organize. If you are interested, please step up.

The games we are currently focusing on are:
Rising Star
Neon District
Alien Worlds
Lost Relics

I hope this is helpful and I was able to help you learn something today!


Thanks for that boost. I dont use traditional social media so this should reach a brand new audience through you :)

I posted this comment in the cross post before I realized it was a cross post:

Right now, my favorite Splinter is Earth due to Scarred Llama Mage. I have rented a Kron the Undying to put in my last position of each battle and have been very successful with this combination (especially if I can put Nectar Queen in the first position).

If you are a fan of Splinterlands or Rising Star (or both) and you love giveaways, check out Moonthumb's Mysterious Wheel of Random Prizes Giveaway!

All good my friend! I was able to see both of your kind comments. Thanks for reaching out! Included in the drawing!

Also, I love Rising Star and often enter your drawings. Thanks for doing such a cool event!

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

I'm a newer player, or at least new enough that I'm not near ready to even think about advancing past silver league and should probably still be playing in bronze. The card that me love the Earth splinter was Mylor Crowling, (in conjunction with Stonesplitter Orc,) which was my favorite splinter until a guild mate delegated a Yodin Zaku that he wasn't using to me so I could play in the silver league. Now, it's only my second favorite splinter currently. While I'm trying to figure out how to get the discretionary funds for my own leveled Yodin.

My brother! Mylor is my single favorite summoner in all of Splinterlands and he and my Flesh Golem are very close friends! I'm really glad to hear you are enjoying Earth and Splinterlands! Thanks for reaching out! Included in the drawing!

Stonesplitter Orc becomes an awesome Sand Worm splitting rearguard with Mylor. I could see where a properly leveled Flesh Golem could make a good lead position though.

My favorite splinter is fire, which is very good when paired with Yodin Kazu as summoner + snipe monsters. It easily wipes out the middle line of the enemies with the blast abilities. I was able to climb from bronze to gold I using this combo.

Fire is currently one of my weakest splinters but I really want to find some BCX to invest in it! It seems like a lot of the blast and speed based strats present in the splinter are very unique to it! Thanks for reaching out! Included in the drawing!

My favorite card is Sandworm! Although is slow, it hits hard, it's a serious tank!

For sure! If you can find a way to deal with enemies armor right away Sandworm can kill so many monsters in one single bite!

They always make me think of the shai-hulud from Dune which I think is pretty intentional but still makes me love the card all the more! Entered in the drawing!

The spice must flow!!! Thank you so much @m3ss!

Kron the undying made me love the earth splinter! it has 3 magic and a lot of health great for the frontlines and also very deadly in the backline with last stand! @chinotek

Brother, Kron is my single favorite card in all of Splinterlands due to how it warps the game around it. I think it's so neat how they were able to make a card that represents a godlike creature thats also not overpowered and can be downright bad in the wrong line-up! Thanks for reaching out! Included in the drawing!

My current favorite splinter is a tie between Death and Fire, for their ability to completely disrupt the enemy with low cost Opportunity and Snipe cards. @Jakkal

sea monster.

Abit late but my favorite card is Ruler of the seas. It is a must have in lower league as it dominates the field.

My favorite splinter is Death, and i love to play with The Gorlodon and awesome Cthulhu! I'm just a big fan of H.P.Lovecraft :)

Cthulhu was one of the first Death cards I splurged on after realizing that if you had a good Haunted Spirit you already had everything you needed to win :P Thanks for the comment, entered into the draw!

I gotta ask, Lone Wolf and Cub fan?