[EN/ES] Some skate pictures of @neshk / Unas pequeñas fotos de @neshk

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Good morning, good afternoon or good night depends on where you are reading me.

Buenos días, buenas tardes o buenas noches depende de donde me esteas leyendo.

These photos are some recent and others a little older, the truth is that I think they were my first photos with @neshk. They were a day that had quite good lighting and I don't know why I like them a lot

Estas fotos son algunas recientes y otras un poco más antiguas la verdad que creo que fueron mis primeras fotos con @neshk.
Fueron un día que había bastante buena iluminación y nose porque me gustan mucho


Here we have Mr. @neshk with his personalized sandpaper made by him.

Aqui tenemos al señor @neshk con su lija personalizada echa por el.

I also have 1 photos of @neshk giving affection to the bank with its frozen wax

También tengo 1 fotitos de @neshk dándole cariño al banco con su cera helado


I also have a picture of doing an Ollie

También tengo una foto de haciendo un Ollie

@neshk with his colorful socks and his rick and morty sweatshirt (one of my favorite series)

@neshk con sus calcetines de colores y su sudadera de rick y morty (una de mis series favoritas)

And finally I leave you with some pictures of @neshk face

Y por último os dejo con unas fotitos de la cara de @neshk



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this was a 180 ;) not a Ollie on the third photo :)))

Anyway i always enjoy spend time with you, take some photos. laught a bit and enjoy the your company!

and happy you are finnaly on Hive !!!!

Oh thank you very much @neshk and sorry for the failure, anyway

Good evening
These are some lively pictures and thanks a lot for acting them.
Do you also make videos with the board and publish them?

No sorry, only pictures 😊

Nice pics! The first two are really good.

Ohhhh thanks❤️

Absolutely right on and congratulations absolutely killing up with this post thank you very much for sharing and we really really appreciate your participation in the skating group