My first cast and skate halting injury

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Fell. Ended up being kinda cool and am thankful for each new day! 🚀

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I had an accident on the Sunday of May long weekend. Still feeling the effects of the whiplash and the fracture in my hand. There's a whole ambulance ride and an afternoon I don't remember. But we made the most of my 'Birthday' and I am truly thankful for everyone who supports me in my life. You better believe I'm taking a break from that danger plank. And have already liquidated the gear.

Shout out to S1 helmets for keeping the noggin intact!! Wear your gear all the time folks, I was riding on a sidewalk lol... I think? I've been riding for a decade now and this is the first time I've had an injury so major and an accident I don't remember. Not knowing the cause of this all really messes you up and I am weary to hop back on, especially by myself or commuting anywhere. Stay safe everybody. I know not many street skaters wear helmets, but Andy Anderson has to be one of my favorite riders. His influence and being a good role model may save your life, oh and his last name is pretty cool too! 😁 Get a helmet if you're sending it!! Who knows what could happen and why not be prepared? Personal protective equipment is your LAST line of defense. Something caught me off guard and I don't know if I will ever be able to skate the same. For now, I am resting and recovering for a month longer in the cast. Just as the weather got warm here too ! 😤😞
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Don't worry man, you will be able to skate like you used to but I feel you!

I destroyed my right ankle and couldn't skate for over a year back in 2016 but look at me now. Still skating like this never happened. Took me a lot of time to get my confidence back though and a vlow in the head is a different story but trust me, all of this will go away slowly!

Have a fast and awesome recovery bro!




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Thanks buddy, does make me feel better. At least knowing it will always be there is a reassuring thing. Hardest part of all this was the concussion and how I don't remember the accident. I sorta wish I knew what happened to like try and prevent it again you know?

I don't know if I got hit by a car or a pebble lol, glad to still be here!! Sure I will be back on at some point.