(ENG/PT-BR) Atehell with Durval aka The Bad Skater, 2019 [skate video[

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Indy Grab jumping off the quarter

Small video at Aterro Skatepark, based near Rio de Janeiro's city center. Famously known as Atehell, a place where the sun toasts you, reason why people prefer skating at night. The thing is the place is also known for being place to assaults, mugging and police arrests - they're there just after stoners.
Pequeno vídeo na pista do Aterro, localizada perto do centro do Rio. Conhecida popularmente como Atehell, um local de muito sol na cabeça, razão pela qual as pessoas preferem andar a noite. O problema é que ali tem um histórico fatídico de assaltos e abordagens - polícia ali só pra coibir maconheiro mermo.

Back then, I was learning to have a better flow in transitions, learned a lot. Hope you enjoy it.
Nessa época, tava aprendendo a ter um flow melhor em pista transicionada, época de muito aprendizado! Espero que curtam.

Cheers / É Nós!

(Unsupported https://odysee.com/$/embed/skate-aterro/322c23d52c3239d77f43ba6756a219298a34f72e?r=ENqme8jzF1XCoEn7btuZcCQzBbsLXscq)

Odysee link: https://odysee.com/@BernardoCanela:d/skate-aterro:3?r=ENqme8jzF1XCoEn7btuZcCQzBbsLXscq


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Nice flow man and what awesome skatepark! I really wanna skate a bowl/skatepark like this one one day!

Nothing like this one here in Greece!

thanks, man! Nowadays I bet I skate it better, next time I hit the park I send you the video

You'll, I'm pretty much sure. Once Hive hits a dollar we make the trip to BCN and Rio straight after it hahahaha

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