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Hey everyone,

check out a short edit I did with my first skate experience. Yesterday I spend an amazing afternoon with my boyfriend @knowhow92, teaching me how to skate properly and not be afraid to try. Well , thanks to my boyfriend's coaching I managed to ride easy on flat and also skate some downhills for beginners.😁

I am super excited and proud of my self for that, cause usually my balance sucks.😂
Thank you for stopping by guys!

filming: @knowhow92
music: IAMDDB - Drippy



Look at me FLEX

Hehehe! Such a great day we had @illusivelf and super-sweet downhills!

Get ready for one more session soon!

Heheh can't wait for new spots @knowhow92 😁👊

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Hope you continue enjoy skateboarding, just to surf the Streets its magic.

I came out from office with a fucked up face, after rolling 3 meters i was smiling and now calm at home to dedicate some time to my own projects.

#keepRolling #keepSmiling

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Hehe sounds healing for your soul! The part I loved most when I was rolling, was all that focus and feeling of adrenaline! Couldn't think of anything else! 😃🙉

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Ohh yes it is, like when i paint or headbanging in a metal concert 🤘

Yes downhills need all your concentration, so you cant think about other stuff 😂

Yo hell yeah!! First session!? That's awesome. You're already looking pretty comfortable!

Thank you @herbertholmes2! 😁 Well I have tried many times to ride on flat for a short distance but I had never tried to ride a downhill before cause I was too uncomfortable with my balance. 🤯

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Well you did really well! And really went for it. Some of those cracks and transitions would claim most novices I'm sure!

Hahah thanks for the motivation! 😀

I read staking ALWAYS! :D Nice move anyway!

Hahahah took me a while to understand! 😂 Thank you @numasi! 😁

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motivation + good company + skate = Fun!!!

I agree, that's the ideal combo for having fun at almost any sport activity! 😁✌️

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