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Summer in Thessaloniki is so hot it's almost unbearable to go skate. This didn't stop me from getting a bunch of lines last night at the city hall curbs and felt fucking nice to finally film some clips.

Big ups to my homie Alexandros for filming me

Watch on


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Nice moves, love the grinds on them steps !PIZZA



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Thanks for the love and the Pizza! Here's one for you too dude!




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fantastic exercise. sometimes these like these are necessary to be able to keep fit

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Thanks a lot!

Really nice grinds and flip tricks man! Vary technical stuff!! Much impress!!

Thanks a lot bro! Late night sessions are the best!

comin'in hot right there!🔥

Always hahaha

Sweet session G, yo try sw fs noseslide fakie flip out!!!

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! That's so tough brother but I might give it a shot hehehhee!