Quick 3 Late-Night Clips for my Skatehive Fam

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Late night was so much fun!

I finally met up with my homie Tom who I haven't seen for like a month (fuck jobs) and enjoyed a late-night session at the City Hall Ledges!

The best part about last night was that the spot wasn't so crowded so I could skate free without having to worry about crushing on another skater/bmxer.

I wasn't intending to film these clips to be honest but my homie Tom insisted on filming my lines so here they are! Thanks brother!

Watch on


(Unsupported https://odysee.com/$/embed/late_night_skate_clips/c248fe889547ee03822ee448df11d9631b6f8905?r=FEgxrV16KqEpeSUrh6NmKZ9kYzNhNx5K)


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What do you use to film your sessions?

Huawei nova 5t man! 250$ mobile phone and looks fucking gold, right?

Amazing lines brother !
Awesome nollie 50-50, I want to see from you a nollie 50-50 bs flip out !

Thanks maaaan! I don't really like doing 50-50's and outs so I don't think I'm gonna try this one dude but I might give it a couple tries just because it;s you who's asking!

hehe if you land it in 5 tries I will send you 5 Hive !!