Skateboarding fun with my homie Paul

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What's up guys?


Me and the crew once again skated the city hall of Thessaloniki city yesterday and filmed a couple of clips to show you how we do it at our side! hehehe!

Nothing special, just a couple of lines from me and my homie Paul and also a couple of Slides n' Grinds I practiced.


Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Much love and SKATEFORHIVE

Skaters : Haris(@knowhow92) , Alekos (@alex-chris), Paul

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I guess @tipu is not working today!
Thanks for the kind gesture though Ervin!

No, it's not. Will try again tomorrow :)


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brother that sweet and perfect fs tail, I always sleep imagining that I do that trick, that fs crooked to fakie I am very professional, always motivating brother.

Thanks a lot G! Yeah that FS Crooked 180 out was awesome! Felt so Good!
Hope you will be back in skating in no time bro!