My first skatehive post and I wanna explain a joke: The Bread Skateboard joke / La Pantineta

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I wanna explain a jokeThe Bread Skateboard joke / La Pantineta

This is my official first skatehive post!

Greetings my pukufriends! I want to share with you an image, a meme picture that I saw on the internet, so that this is a first post quite enjoyable and funny, it is the following image:

Saludos mis pukuamigos! en esta ocasión les quiero compartir una imagen, una fotografía tipo meme que vi en internet, para que este sea un primer post bastante ameno y gracioso, se trata de la siguiente imagen:

The Bread Skateboard / La Pantineta:


El asunto es este, si ustedes ven la imágen que ya de por si es graciosa, en ingles se dice de un modo que puede resultar jocosa, pero en español tiene otro significado aún mas graciosa y divertida, en español nosotros a las skateboards les decimos: patinetas (proviene de la palabra patin - patinar - patinaje) pero al ver la imágen automáticamente viene el juego de palabras: PANTINETA - porque en español el bread es pan. asi que da, a mi parecer mucha mas risa leer su nombre en español, y por eso quería compartir con ustedes amigos que no hablan español, esta pequeña broma como introducción a esta comunidad!

If you see the image that is already funny, in English it is said in a way that can be funny, but in Spanish it has another meaning even funnier, in Spanish we say to the skateboards: patinetas (comes from the word patin - patinar - patinaje) but when you see the image automatically comes the word game: PANTINETA - because in Spanish bread is: PAN. So a patineta becomes Pantineta lol -

In my opinion much more laughter to read your name in Spanish, and so I wanted to share with you friends who do not speak Spanish, this little joke as an introduction to this community!

Take care my Pukufriends lml @Nahupuku from Caracas, Venezuela, SouthAmerica


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Bendiciones y gracias por ver mi post

Blessings and thanks for watching my post



Right on absolutely killer that you are with this community and growing.

Hopefully soon you can delegate and get a bigger Community vote..

thanks a lot my new friend lol
yes Im going to upload some new post soon about the music that I made here in my country with my band, some skater friends listen to us in 90s and 2000s for skate so was a very cool time and age of my life!
I hope the same too lol bless lml and take care.
Do you like reggae music?

Of course I love music!!! And maybe one day we can smoke together soon.

Awesome! I made in the past several reagge songs, if you wanna listen and take a look only for fun be my guest:

I hope so! will be amazing!
I live in Venezuela, my city Caracas its very near to the beach, Caribbean Sea, here a lot of place are just like magic you know a lot of places: Los Roques, Morrocoy, Chuao, Choroni, Cepe, Cuyagua and we have desert too and snow mouintains places: Los Andes, Merida, and amazonian forest, tepuyes places (a sacred mountains from here) .. a lot of people smokes a lot in this places, I had the opportunity to travel around the country many years ago, luckly and know a lot of places and ppl, very cool experience, its a caribbean country an a lot of ppl use for cool vibes you know. sadly know its hard for us to survive here with the dictatorial shit and extreme high rates of economic inflation around here (like 1.500.000%) but well we try to survive here and being fun... sometimes.

I would definitely recommend learning how to make a greenhouse and growing your own food.

Being able to eat is very important and you don't understand the blessings that you have until there is no food.

Maybe if we all help out a little bit in the world would be a lot better of a place for us all

well my family here was from the "llanos" its a farm big place (in the past before the revolution attacks) around here and of course I know about some kind of food and land labour, well here in Venezuela we dont have food at all in 2016 and 2017 so I search to garbage for eat...many months, just before enter steemit in dec, 2017 . a lot of ppl comites suicide here and desnutrition too with the starving situation, I had a several case of desnutrition too, well. I don´t like speak too much about that but the point is that I know a little bit about starving around here, I have an aid foundation here since 2008 and I try to help a lot of ppl around here, buying some food stuffs like that, its not easy to buy seeds or whatever , its very complex the situation in Venezuela my friend, the goverment with military forces and police represion get all the lands and al the control of the entire country plus they have a big drug cartel: El cartel de los soles... so its complex a little the situation around here, and us the ppl in the middle of that stuffs are poor and starving, cause a lot of products for farms, lands, contructions, seeds, or whatever are expensive at hell: fertilizants, trucks, seeds, food for chickens, whatever item that you name it.
and of course we try here to resist and survive and help us each others in this madmax living hell escenario since many years ago. with my foundation labor i try to do just like that, a better world for everyone!

take a look if you want :)

and of course and I almost forgot, and oldie one of my tunes lol

Im a w33d plant / Im a goat with diarrhea song:

jajajajajjajajajajjajaaj PAN-TINADOR JAJAJJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJ buenisimo amigo... 🤣😎🥰

hahaha yess entre pantinetas y pantaletas me veian antes :p :V jaja


jajaja pos yo siempre he sido asi explicito :v

Hahaha! Nice one brother!
Welcome to Skatehive!

I can see that you play on a metal/punk band! Skateboarding and rock/metal/punk music have a great connection. Do you skate or any of your friends skate?

lol I really like that fun joke
In Greek: Pan its a semigod with his flute, but here "pan" words means: bread

Yes I used to play in several bands around here and for a lot of my skateboards friends too. I speak those in another post with some user of Skatehive comunity, if you wanna read be my guest:

Yes I wanna create several post of skatehive showing my music to new skater´s comunity, cause we played a lot of them lml in the 2000´s, sadly for the moment I don´t know too much people that can skate around here, mostly of them scape from here with the Venezuelan Crisis 6 years ago but I going to try to spread the word about this cool comunity for shure, lml
bless and take care my new pukufriend

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