Skatehive Fundraiser #2 - Let's Help "Colectivo XV" Raise $400 For "I LOVE XV 2021" Event

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Welcome to the 2nd Skatehive Fundraiser but before we talk about that we wanna shout out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the 1st one.

We raised more than $100 in crypto for "TWS Skate Crew" from Philipines thanks to your donations, upvotes and tips in both our Hive and Odysee channels and these money will allow TWS Crew to build a new ledge! Community power at it's finest!

More info about the 1st Skatehive Fundraiser can be found here.

Skatehive Fundraiser 2

Let's Help "Colectivo XV" Raise $400 For "I LOVE XV 2021" Event

For our 2nd Fundraiser, we wanna help @ColectivoXV (, a social skate movement from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to cover some of their expenses for the "I LOVE XV 2021" festival which is going down tomorrow on December 5th!

All money raised will be used for trasporting kids from different Skateboarding Schools/Institutes around the city of Rio to the "I LOVE XV" festival and allow the to experience a day full of art, music and skateboarding culture.

List of Skateboarding Schools and institutes Participating In The Event

Helping this Fundraiser is really important cause "I LOVE XV" event will be a life-changing experience for those kids and will allow them to live something unique for a whole day.

From workshops to community talks to watching pro skaters rip, this is gonna be a dream-come-true for the young blood so we better make the 2nd Skatehive Fundraiser count, right?

P.S. Collectivo XV homies have already paid for everything regarding the festival. This fundraiser is happening cause we want to support their efforts in building a better skate future for the young generation

How to help

The ultimate goal is $400 and you can support this initiative in 3 ways

1) Upvote and Re-blog this post

Upvoting this post will help us raise $$ and re-blogging will help us reach more people thus reach our financial goal faster.

2) Tip Hive or HBD to @skatehive or @colectivoXV

You can tip Hive or HBD to this post or directly to the @skatehive and @colectivoxv accounts with the memo "I LOVE XV".

3) Tip LBC to @colectivoXV

@Colectivoxv are also on Odysee so you can tip their channel over there or send LBC directly to their wallet

If you feel like donating other currencies then you can reach out to @coletivoxv at the SkateHive Discord Server and talk with them over there (Click on the image bellow 👇)

P.S. We raise $110 instead of $70 from the 1st Skatehive Fundraiser so this extra $40 will go directly to @colectivoxv as support. All funds will be transfered to their account in 7 days.

A Few Words About Coletivo XV

It is a movement that was born spontaneously through the union of skaters who were in the city center, mainly in Praça XV. Due to the repression of the municipal guard that limited the practice of skateboarding in public squares, there was a need to organize, question the ban and, above all, speak out in favor of freeing up the space in Praça XV. Due to the need to communicate with the government in a formal and representative way, we founded the Associação Cultural do Skate. From then onwards, the activities unfolded into social actions, film screenings, musical presentations and art exhibitions related to skateboarding culture held at Praça XV, in cultural centers and museums. Nowadays, it is a cultural group that moves and forms partnerships with institutions, other collectives and brands.

Es un movimiento que nació espontáneamente de la unión de patinadores que se encontraban en el centro de la ciudad, principalmente en la Praça XV. Debido a la represión de la guardia municipal que limitó la práctica del skate en las plazas públicas, surgió la necesidad de organizarse, cuestionar la prohibición y, sobre todo, pronunciarse a favor de la liberación del espacio en la Praça XV. Debido a la necesidad de comunicarnos con el gobierno de manera formal y representativa, fundamos la Associação Cultural do Skate. A partir de entonces, las actividades se desdoblaron en acciones sociales, proyecciones de películas, presentaciones musicales y exposiciones de arte relacionadas con la cultura del skate que se realizaron en la Praça XV, en centros culturales y museos. Hoy en día, es un grupo cultural que se mueve y forma alianzas con instituciones, otros colectivos y marcas.

One of those things is I ❤️ XV


Cientos de skaters se dan cita en algún punto de la ciudad y parten hacia la Praça XV en “Skateata”. Una vez allí, el evento comienza en la Praça con varias actividades como: Best Tricks (campeonato de mejores trucos), la escuela de skate, exposiciones, talleres de arte para niños, 10 horas de presentaciones musicales, skate, yoga y proyecciones de películas en el Cine XV. .

Para llevar a cabo acciones como esta, el colectivo cuenta con donaciones y el trabajo conjunto de sus miembros, las reuniones semanales de estos chicos se llevan a cabo en el servidor de Discord en [SKATEHIVE] ( todos los lunes. Así como publicamos contenido en nuestro [canal Odysee] ( a menudo.

About "I LOVE XV 2021" Event

It was a decade of a lot of skateboarding in Praça XV without having to run from the police, and this contributed to the RJ Skate scene growing, not only in supporters, but mainly in ideals. Establishing skateboarding as a culture in our city, Coletivo XV produced the biggest annual celebration of Rio's urban skateboarding, “I Love XV”, which before 2011 had a protest character, and after free skateboarding in our beloved Praça XV the character, was one of celebration and expression of our culture.
The strength of our movement ended up expanding beyond the boundaries of Praça XV, with events, exhibitions and debates in public and private spaces, film screenings, as well as partnerships and “colabs” with skate and clothing brands. We planted a tree on Passeio Público, we were featured in newspapers and magazines in specialized media and outside the world of skateboarding. As well as the theme of academic theses, and participation in national and international documentaries, receiving amateur skaters and professionals from other states and countries.
Who knew such a movement would be independently produced by a group of marginalized skaters?
In the edition of “I Love XV ” 2021, we will have as a central concept the coexistence, collective conscience and harmony. We will invite numerous Skate Collectives that have emerged in the last 10 years to be part of this celebration. These collectives will present themselves in different ways: Demonstrations, Cultural Fair, Cine XV and much more...
Stay tuned for the schedule that we will disclose here.

Hundreds of skateboarders gather at some point in the city, and depart towards Praça XV in “Skateata”. Once there, the event starts at the Praça with several activities such as: Best Tricks (best tricks championship), the skate school, exhibitions, art workshops for children, 10 hours of musical presentations, skateboarding, yoga and film projections at the Cine XV.

To carry out actions like this, the collective relies on donations and the joint work of its members, the weekly meetings of these guys take place on the Discord server at SKATEHIVE every Monday. You can check their Odysee channel and their Hive Account (@coletivoxv)



Fue una década de mucho skate en la Praça XV sin tener que huir de la policía, y eso contribuyó a que el panorama de RJ Skate creciera, no solo en simpatizantes, sino principalmente en ideales. Estableciendo el skateboard como una cultura en nuestra ciudad, Coletivo XV produjo la mayor celebración anual del skateboarding urbano de Río, “I Love XV”, que antes de 2011 tenía un carácter de protesta, y después del skate libre en nuestra querida Praça XV el personaje, fue uno de los celebración y expresión de nuestra cultura.
La fuerza de nuestro movimiento terminó expandiéndose más allá de los límites de la Praça XV, con eventos, exposiciones y debates en espacios públicos y privados, proyecciones de películas, así como alianzas y “colabs” con marcas de skate y ropa. Plantamos un árbol en Passeio Público, aparecimos en periódicos y revistas de medios especializados y fuera del mundo del skate. Así como la temática de tesis académicas, y participación en documentales nacionales e internacionales, recibiendo a patinadores amateurs y profesionales de otros estados y países.
¿Quién iba a imaginar que tal movimiento sería producido independientemente por un grupo de patinadores marginados?
En la edición de “I Love XV” 2021, tendremos como concepto central la convivencia, la conciencia colectiva y la armonía. Invitaremos a numerosos Colectivos de Skate que han surgido en los últimos 10 años a formar parte de esta celebración. Estos colectivos se presentarán de diferentes formas: Demostraciones, Feria Cultural, Cine XV y mucho más ...
Estén atentos al cronograma que divulgaremos aquí.

"I LOVE XV" Event Timetable

TimeSkateataRad StuffDjsActivitiesEXTRA
13:00Best Trick SoMa (Open)YOGA ART FOR KIDS
14:00Female Best TrickPRISCILA DAU
16:00Best Trick Giant Skate
17:00Best Trick Cavallera (Open)CRIS
18:30A FILIALRewards CeremonyDSAL SURPRISE
20:00CINE XV

More Info About The Event

Some Ramps Coletivo XV prepared for the event




We are going to be updating this post with the progress of the event.

Join us on this crowdfunding through HIVE and LBRY to help @coletivoxv on their mission

Groups like Coletivo XV brings value to the whole skateboarding community and bridging with cultural groups like that is what is going to make our community achieve its goals, raise awereness and make impact the skateboarding scene in a positive way through cryptocurrency.

We really love what this "Skatehive Fundraiser" initiative isturning out to be so if you have are a mamber of Skatehive and need any financial help feel free to contact any of the Skatehive Staff at our Discord channel and submit your own fundraising idea just like "TWS Crew" and "@ColectiveXV" did.

Thank you all for taking the time reading this post and thanks in advance if you decide to donate and help us in our mission.
Until next time

The @Skatehive Team


Join us at the

_> SkateHive/Stoken Discord Server

Skatehive Discord

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Will You Be A Part Of It?


About Skatehive

_> SkateHive is based on the anti-establishment roots of skateboarding, and is working at taking back control of our activities from the social media giants, who profit off the monopoly of our content. 

_> _> SkateHive is build on top of decentralized platforms that allows us to own both our accounts, and our communities, which means rather than advertising on our content or selling users meta-data to generate value, we tokenize the likes, allowing us to retain the value generated by our content, for it to be sold on the free market in the form of a cryptocurrency.

_> _> This has allowed this humble community to self fund huge online,,Games of S.K.A.T.E, rewards for contests

_> and even help skaters buy new equipment! Everyone is welcome in this community, so long as you are respectful to others.

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