Thank you Everyone - More Than $600 Raised for Mr. Danilo

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Mr. Danilo's GoFundMe Campaign

Mr. Danilo is giving a fight against throat cancer and Skatehive Skateboarding Community organized the "Donations for Mr. Danilo" campaign so we can help with his medical expenses.

Read more about this campaign : Community Call - Let's help @Davixesk8's father with his Throat Cancer Fight

The campaign is over and we just transfered everything we raised thanks to your generous donations and votes to @davixesk8, son of Mr. Danilo.

More specifically

  • 174,853 HBD & 297,464 Hive raised as post rewards
  • $27 woth of Hive-Engine Tokens raised as post rewards (Converted them to Hive)
  • 72 HBD and 210 Hive raised from direct donations to Skatehive
  • 322 LBC from donations

List of donors : @deeanndmathews (10 HBD) , @xvlad (10 HBD) , @branders0n (1 HBD) , @itsfall173 (15 HBD) , @neshk (15 HBD) , @priyanarc (1 HBD) , @herbertholmes2 (10 HBD) , @knowhow92 (100 Hive) , @skatehive (110 Hive & 6 HBD)

Lots of people also decided to donate directly to @davixesk8 via discord, GoFundMe as well as Hive

Total amount transfered : 564.267 Hive, 242.685 HBD and 322 LBC


Thank you all

We would like to shout a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated or spread the word about this campaign with their own unique way. You are the best!

This campaign might be over but you can still donate directly to @davixesk8 if you just found out about it.

We send all our love, best wished and positive energy to @davixesk8 and his family.

@Skatehive Skateboarding Community


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This has allowed this humble community to self fund huge online games of S.K.A.T.E , giveaways, rewards for contests, events, and even help skaters buy new equipment! Everyone is welcome in this community, so long as you are respectful to others.

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We really hope that your Dad Danio get over this and be fine. a hug brother. And we will also look to be able to contribute a little more.

 last year  

My best wished to your father @davixesk8 ❤️