wristguard sessions - the legend of a broke-off old man trying to skateboard with his cyber squad

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i did some work on this curb outside my studio.
i rub bricked it.
i bondoed it.
and i waxed the living daylights out of it.
this ended up being to my disadvantage.
i got bodied.
i forgot how much you can get hurt skating.
so i bought a wrist guard.
i hope to not use the wrist guard forever.
but for now, this old man needs his wrists.
feebles for days.
and a bonus clip from the summer when i got down on a hubba with mike anderson and louie lopez.
quest for stoken is strong with this one.
and with that,
i bid you good day.
song: mr soul by neil young

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 6 months ago  

Web Gnar clips with Neil Young, dream come true hehehehe

That blunt and feeble on this ledge 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Dude I wonder how you still skate those tiny skatepark handrails. That Feeble was scary AF.

 6 months ago (edited) 

hahah! i know dude. they are so small & awkward that it makes them even gnarlier. like skating a really shitty street spot. i always make myself try to get down on those little crappy built-wrong skatepark handrails that i used to avoid as a kid because they were so dangerous. glad you like the neil young. that song came on on spotify and i was like Whoa, who IS this? its a catchy track. dude i went out and skated today and stacked some clips at clemente

 6 months ago  

Legendary spot, holy shit. Edit dropping soon?!?

so good