Winter Flatground in a Food Distribution Warehouse - a web-gnar training facility

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As winter surges, the ability to skate outside becomes scarce.
Web-gnar finds a pseudo skate-sanctum in the warehouse of his part time job.
A food distribution warehouse, where his job consists of stacking cases of beverages and snack foods onto wood pallets to be loaded into box trucks and delivered to vendors of the Chicagoland area.
Like a game of tetris, boxes must be stacked to omit as much empty space as possible.


This can lead to interesting arrangements of boxes.


Unlike Tetris, when you complete a layer of boxes flawlessly, that layer does not disappear.


My work here at Norman distribution will be remembered forever, and one day they will cast my stacked 90's in bronze as a tribute.

But all that being said, I got some skating in, setting up the camera and trying to get the legs back.

My edit is short, but my legs are sore as can be from that switch tre.

zack goulet switch tre.gif

That trick took me 35 minutes to land, and i had to punch out at the end of the day to finish filming the trick.

Being able to skate at the warehouse where i work, and most of the time being able to skate On The Clock, is really nice. its mind numbing work, but being able to step on a board is a super luxury for me.

And all the dudes are cool there, for the most part.

zack goulet fakie bigflip.gif

yeah, the one flip trick i am missing in my edit is a hardflip.
But man these tricks were actually really hard to land.
IDK if it was because i had to film these sneaky and i was stressed out or what but I am really rusty and I gotta keep skating this winter if I want to crush it this next summer.

It really makes a difference. Last winter I made a whole part skating in my studio and the summer after I was on POINT!:
Proof of Stoke
so i gotta make the effort like a real athlete to stay in shape this year.

and im going to drag you along with me @gnarip12345!

skatehive thumbnail web gnar.gif

webgnar footer fin.png

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Switch 360flp🤘🤘🤘🤘💪

 2 months ago  

super hardcore

Brother, that spot is incredible, it's always nice to enjoy a good session with friends.

 2 months ago  

ha yeah its not bad, but you are right it is more fun to skate with friends. this- i made alone with the camera on a tripod

yo switch 3 was nuts 😤 that flat ground looks so steezy to skate, I would done the same hahaha

 2 months ago  

can u switch tre?

sure... in my dreams!!! 😆😜

 2 months ago  

ha i never thought i would ever do one.
this was maybe the first Clean one
haha yeah its taken me over 20 years to get around to doing one! lol

 2 months ago  

Great post man! Job guys are super cool to allow you skate in the warehouse but dude, everyone skates there? haha! 3 workers skate? That's awesome!

Killed it, everything so stylish and BIG pop hehe! Respect for the sw tre, very very good!Your look after you landed says it all haha!

 2 months ago  

Excellent post as always !

Dude so good!!! That switch tre 👀💥

You guys should sponsor a game of SKATE

 2 months ago  

We did one a few years ago and it was freaking dope! Maybe we can do one more?!? That would be fun hehehe!

Your style in these reminds me of Gino Iannucci, Jason Lee, or old-school Rick Howard when he was crushing it.