SPOILER ALERT - We just created a HIVE community at https://skatehive.app

in SkateHive4 months ago (edited)

This is the first test post.

That´s how it looks right now


and I am making the post through the platform, right now


I just bought for us skatehive.app domain and soon will be able to use it

Now skatehive members will be able to onboard people in a more easily way. What should be the next steps from now? Put stoken to run on it?

Begging for help to 3speak guys, so we can upload videos directly?

NFT profile?

It lacks a Discord invite button for sure... hehheh I am very excited !

SurfHive is next !

Check https://skatehive.app

 4 months ago  

YES MAAAAAN. Let's fucking gooooo

Now I have to publish dome skatecontent hahah

Thank you, one love 💕

 4 months ago  

indeed !

 4 months ago  

how did you make that?

 4 months ago  

That tutorial Daryl found it and I put in discord !

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This really looks incredible friend, always advancing❤️

 4 months ago  

thank you G

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