Curation Is Easy; If you don't read the posts

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I have a confession: I decided to keep both my SteemIt and Hive Accounts.

I made the decision because my account was worth less than $3.00. I figured it would take 91 days to cash out the three dollars. I would probably end up paying $2.50 in transaction fees to get the money into my account. So, I might as well keep both accounts active.

I didn't want to waste time curating on SteemIt; So, I've been "curating" 10 posts a day based on a formula.

I take my HIVE account seriously. I read about 3 to 5 posts for each post I upvote. I make an effort to engage in the posts. I even secured a 100 SP delegation to make my upvote more valuable.

So, here is my social experiment: I actively curate on HIVE. I just run a formula and upvote posts without reading them on SteemIt. I have more HP than SP.

The kicker is that I have been earning more curation rewards on SteemIt than HIVE. Here is the results for last week:

SteemIt: 0.277 reward for 50 SP = 0.0055
Hive: 0.231 reward for 127 HP = 0.018

I admit, I already knew that this was true. I've noticed that bot accounts tend to get a higher percentage of the reward pool than those fools who manually curate.

Anyway, my experiment in having both a SteemIt and HIVE account has verified an observation that I've made through my many moons on HIVE:

It is easier to curate if you don't read the posts.

For one thing, it usually takes more than five minutes to read a post and verify the facts in the posts. That means that, if I select a post to curate from the recent post list, the bots will drop their upvotes before I finish my reading and investigation of the post.

Bots can maintain a history of posts. A well trained bot will know when the bots owned by the whales upvote; so they can front run the big bots. Bots can maintain a database and know which users and tags tend to get upvotes.

It would be interesting to do a broader study of the ratio of HP to curation rewards. I think that the result of a study would be that accounts designed to harvest the rewards pool make substantially more money than accounts that actively engage in curation.


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