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The Review the World Community will contain web site reviews and posts about quality link development. If you would like me to review your site, just mention it in the comment.

I decided to make my first review about the most successful web site on the planet:

A review is not a recommendation. I prefer the search engine Duck Duck Go which does not track user information.

The front page of is minimalist. It includes the site's name, a text box and a button.


If you enter a string of text, the site will present a list of web pages relevant to the text.

WARNING: Google will create a history of your searches. They sell this information to marketers.

The reason that is the most successful web site is because Google has an external focus.

Webmasters take note of Google because much of their web traffic flows through Google.

Webmasters are so addicted to the web traffic from Google that there is an entire industry called SEO (Search Engine Marketing) where people design their web sites to the desires of Google.

I think SEO is wrong headed. When people design their sites to the desires of Google they end up surrendering power to Google.

IMHO. the SEO Marketers have it wrong. Quality web developers should think of their web sites as through points for traffic. Google is successful because it is a through point.

I decided to launch the Review The World Community on Hive in response to a post about SEO. This post asked the HIVE community what steps HIVE could take to get more inbound links.

I believe that the secret to getting inbound links is to become a source for quality outbound links. If businesses saw Hive as a source for quality web traffic; then they would start opening accounts and investing in the platform.

Both Twitter and Facebook became successful for the same reason that Google became successful. Businesses started using these platforms because they felt the platforms would be a source of quality inbound traffic.

They then became addicted to the platform and started by buy advertising.

Since HIVE is built around a cryptocurrency. It has a potential to be both a source of web traffic and a source of direct revenue.

The key to attracting businesses is for Hive to become a source of outbound traffic.

I invite users of HIVE to use this community for random web site reviews. I probably give reviews a two penny upvote.

Reviewing your own web site is tacky. If you would like me to review your web site, just put a link in the comment. If it is a nice site, I might put the review on other web sites that I own.

A review is not a recommendation. I personally prefer small web sites to big web sites. Google is interesting in that it shows that the key becoming a big web site is to have an external focus.