Insane Meme Combo! Diamond Giveaway!

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Diamond Giveaway!

Hey there, got a nice giveaway going on over on Twitter that you all should know about!

Make sure you go retweet, follow, and comment your GU Player ID. This is the first giveaway on Twitter (that I'm aware of) that is asking for Player ID to try and stop bots from winning 😡

Make sure you've played at least one game in the last week so I know you're real!

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The Meme Combo that Inspired this

Make sure to watch the video in the tweet as it shows the entire combo in action!

But here we go:

First you'll need a Sneaky Bruiser.

image (17).png

Even with Hidden, which is quite sticky by itself, we want to make this STICKY AF.

Next up is Antimagic Wards. This will give your Hidden Bruiser Ward AND simultaneously de-ramp your opponent giving you more time to do all this nonsense.

image (13).png

We don't want to do all this work to protect a NORMAL Bruiser. Let's PUMP HIM UP. Fox's Venture gives it +3/+2 AND Tempt Fate, which has a 1 in 6 shot at giving other cool things like +1 health, or Overkill, or even Ward if you can't find Antimagic Wards.

image (16).png

To complete the meme of overprotecting this Bruiser, we will use Enduring Shield to give it Protected!

image (15).png

Et voila! There she is, a 5 mana 9/6 Hidden. Ward. Protected. (And Overkill as well in my video!)

Please give it a try, it seems pretty deadly if you tone down the meme aspects and just play it with Fox's Venture + Sneaky Bruiser (and probably Enduring Shield as well!) Antimagic Wards is definitely a meme haha.

Enjoy, and make sure you win a DIAMOND Fox's Venture!


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Thank you for this Copper, this is fun, I miss fun...imagine on top of all of that you said, giving it leach, overkill and twin strike

BUT....You guys (Copper and Kstreet) are talking too much of Sneaky Bruiser, they will realize that card is OP, not just because is an hidden 6/4 creature, but because is a NEUTRAL hidden 6/4 creature, leave it be until they close the set 🤑

Ah good point! 😄

On the other hand, if he is OP and gets locked, the secret won't stay between us for long.