Welcome to the Texas Community on Hive

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Welcome to the Texas Community on Hive. This Hive Community is intended for two different audiences.


Texans can use this Hive Community to find other Texans. It is useful to have a place to communicate with our neighbors for local information or updates on a situation. Whether it is the latest attraction, some political news, or emergency updates, it helps to know where to find posts about it.


There was a tourism campaign years ago with the slogan, "Texas. It's like a whole other country". Texas has a lot in common with the other 49 states. However, there are some things that are uniquely Texan. This is the community to learn about this distinctiveness. If you are planning to visit Texas, this is the place to post your questions for Texans to answer.

Texas has much to offer visitors. There are forests in East Texas, a desert in West Texas, the second largest canyon in the world, festivals, museums, parks, and even big city experiences. Texas has the distinction of having been its own nation for a short period. So, there still remains a bit of national pride within the Lone Star State. Learn and share all about it here in this community.

Our Vision for this Community

We welcome and encourage full blog posts. More than that, we envision times when this Community will be more of a message board between users. That's fine. This Community is meant to be a gathering place for people with a common interest, which, in this case, revolves around Texas.

Obviously, moderators and admins will have to remove users who are abusive of others or the community as a whole. We don't expect that this will have to be enforced frequently, right?

Once again, welcome all. Let's get this Community going!


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