What motivated you to learn a Tradeable skill?

in Cent3 months ago

Many of us have been inspired by a a variety of factors to do several things. Such influences covers our career line, education, marriage, work and many other things. Recently, it dawn on me that not everyone just learns a skill to make money out of it.

many people acquire a skill for several reasons which could be to earn a living, add to their curriculum vitae, philanthropy, pride and many other reasons. I looked back and I discovered that my reason for learning a shoe making business last year was different from other friends of mine who also pushed to learn a skill.

I know our backgrounds and experiences differ one from another and it would be a determining factor to what pushes us to learn tradeable skills.

Do you have a skill? Why did you learn it?


all the best to you as you already learn and doing good in your skill. As long as it brings more income for you then that is so awesome.


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